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  1. Most likely outcome.....

    Don't we all know the following is HIGHLY likely: 1. Dawgs beat the damn brakes off the Wreck tomorrow, likely any score they desire, say 65 - 0? 2. Bobby Dodd looks like a UGA home game given the amount of red. 3. Collins is retained thru next year. Face it --Stansbury knows #1 & # 2 above...
  2. Ugag vs. GT score prediction?

    Will they hang 60 + on us?
  3. watching on ESPN3 (w/ blackout???)

    I can get on ESPN3 but the GT game is blacked out in my area....what can I do? change my zip code setting? Help?
  4. Another win this season?

    I don't see how we win another game this year; 3 wins seems like one more than we should've won actually.....somebody convince me otherwise please.
  5. Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    I look at the schedule and I don't see another victory. If you do, please tell us how or why we win another game.....
  6. 2021 Game dates

    Can someone tell me when the game DATES (not times) will be published for the 2021 schedule?
  7. Tech vs. Pitt where to watch?

    is this game only going to be on ESPN3 ???? anywhere else?
  8. Injury updates?

    Any confirmation on Gibbs injury? expected return time?
  9. GT has more penalties than ALL other NCAA teams (except 1) ???

    Is this true? I heard the announcers in the BC game mention this.... who's the most penalized team?
  10. remaining wins....

    so of our remaining games which ones do we win and why?
  11. Out for next game?

    Who do we expect to be out for next game vs L'ville?
  12. swilling

    is tre swilling expected to be back this saturday?
  13. Next....UCF

    Who should we expect back for this game? And why will we win?
  14. What's different now?

    Were we able to get better players in the late '80s and 1990 when we won the Natty than we are able to get now? If so, why? What's different now?
  15. What are the rational reasons we will beat VT?

    Seems VT has only improved recently from looking beatable earlier in the season; especially with their win over WF recently. Any reason to think we might actually beat VT?
  16. Postgame presser

    Where can we find the CGC post game press conference video?
  17. What's he doing??

    Since CPJ has retired, what is he doing these days? Is he contemplating coaching somewhere? Anyone have any insight into what he's up to?
  18. Temple & North Carolina

    Is Temple any good? Should we beat them? What time is the N Carolina game likely to be?
  19. Benson injury update?

    What's the latest?
  20. Louisville TX?

    Is it best to get tx through our GTAA for this game? STubhub type outlet? What say ye? Better to sit with GT fans in our section or among everyone else?