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  1. OC Chip Long Press Conference

    Good first interview, Several things folks have already mentioned that sounds good. Being physical, using tight ends, playing to the player's strengths all are good things. Increasing tempo can be good for the offense if you're able to move the sticks and score, but can also be really bad...
  2. 2022 Schedule??

    We were competive in most games last year and that does give me some hope for next year but the monumental screw ups to lose those games certainly gives me pause. Then the ending of the year puts a huge damper on any enthusiasm. Yes, I guess maybe we didn’t lose as bad as Vandy, but if you...
  3. Locker room issues?

    Wouldn't this be a normal occurrence for almost any new coach? A new way of doing things, new coaches to which to prove oneself, new coaches preferring new players can cause resentment... all normal stuff. It may have been worse because almost the first thing said was roster management...
  4. Bowl Season

    I can understand the point of view of bowl games being meaningless because it's not part of the playoff, but let's be honest, 90% (maybe more really)_ of college football games don't lead to those teams getting in the playoff. The interesting thing about bowl games is getting to watch some...
  5. OL to go Senior domimant, big +315, powerful +TE's (Stanford 2013) to compete with factories?

    Even in a different offense, Waller wasn’t going to be TE in college. He matured into it and matured into leaving his other issues behind him too.
  6. Army finishes 9 and 4

    Congratulations to Coach Monken. It’s good to see former GT assistants doing well.
  7. Disney and YouTubeTV in a spat

    And got a $15 credit. Now that Comcast has Acc Network I have to make a decision about keeping YTTV or not.
  8. RIP Demaryius Thomas

    This is so sad. He had overcome so much. RIP Bay Bay.
  9. Final season rankings 1-130

    Just looking at the first few… these rankings don’t seem to make sense. Of course I haven’t watched a ton of other teams, and I’m sure there is a SOS component, but UCF and Coastal ranked behind us?
  10. GT Vollebees

    The team enjoying Horse!
  11. #UWiscy (not our kind) coming to town Wed 9:15 EST tip

    Devoe was completely exhausted the last few minutes of the game. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have much going on from anyone else scoring to be able to give him a rest earlier.
  12. Ticket Exchange

    If you still need one, I have an extra to donate.
  13. Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    Section 109, cheering on our team, booing the other team. Hoping for a miracle, but yes, expecting the worst.
  14. Fire Geoff Collins

    This deserves more than just a like/laugh, this is hilarious. And there's a 'facetache' website ? lol
  15. Fire Geoff Collins

    Just FYI - Campbell already makes > $4 million, with some assistants pulling close to $1M....
  16. Hypothetical poll: how long would it take Saban to win a championship here?

    Are we talking about Saban from 15 years ago before he had the rep of putting players in the NFL or Saban of today? Has Saban ever had to sell academics? Has he ever coached anywhere that academics was even a consideration? Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great coach, and would...
  17. You guys have a new legend

    We were on the other side of the gym so didn’t see exactly what he had done. While we were laughing inwardly, my wife also had to turn to my son (9 yrs old) to tell him she better not see him doing that. Lol.
  18. #GTvsMIA Postgame. Tech falls short 33-30

    While Miami fans probably still believe they should beat everyone like they did in the 90's, I think they have even less respect for GT than some other teams. They can't see how an academic school could possibly complete. Seems like I remember one of their ex players complaining that they...
  19. Gameday!!!!!

    One of these threads I mentioned how I excited I was to have a defense again. I take that all back. I may actually leave early to go drink which I don’t usually do.
  20. Corner turned?

    The irrational fan in me says YES! The way we played defense last night was incredible. That’s what I’ve missed so much since Tenuta, is believing we had a chance on defense. I’m the fan that still gets up and yells as hard as he can when the D is on the field. That’s where I have the...