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  1. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Yeah that's a little snippet that honestly I'm actually positive about... Collins seemed to do a decent job at DC scheming and running it. This plus getting rid of the stupid 2 coaches coaching secondary logic leaves me a little hopeful that overall defense will improve
  2. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Not gonna lie would welcome him back with open arms... Running Back room of him, D.Smith, and Martin wouldn't be too bad if the OC has any ability to get more out of the oline scheme wise
  3. What area needs to be improved the most

    Our Oline has gotten bigger over the years but these guys are still soft as heck and aren't able to open lanes whatsoever so... I want the overall oline play to get better and if our running game can open up just a little bit for the running backs it will put a little less pressure on Sims and...
  4. PFF Grades Through UNC Game

    I believe I heard Pendley/Wing Green/Lay played some at snaps I could be wrong so going into next year you got these guys as most likely fits for the openings Pendley, W.Green, B.Leftwich, W.Franklin, Lay, Vaipulu, Tyler Gibson, and whoever you may get as a transfer to come in and compete for...
  5. PFF Grades Through UNC Game

    Eww... We weren't crazy in saying that our oline performance was not great overall. I hope they can slowly pull that up don't need elite but plenty of room for improvement.
  6. GT vs Pitt

    Pickett is a Good QB no doubt but look at his whole body of work to determine just how good he is... I personally don't think he's in same ball park as Howell. Howell is a much more efficient passer and runner. If you look at Pickett body of work over past 2 years they been Solid not special...
  7. GT Defense

    Ivey growing into a Full grown man 6'6 275 that's NFL size and showing his athleticism out there
  8. GT Defense

    It was a combo of he held the ball a little longer and the fact that against Clemson we had to play tight no big runs no big plays and make them earn every yard and Kennesaw State your playing Triple Option your 75% against the Run they did have a bunch of tackle for loss in that game.
  9. GT Defense

    I think they half the time they routed what one would consider a Leo Dlineman into the front 3 and that becomes the rushing 4 and we occasional would send a 5th rusher
  10. The RB Rotation Delimma

    I think out of the 3 you definitely have them all fitting a role which is great for keeping them motivated to stay right now... Gibbs is your obvious #1 sorta plays multiple skills very well...(Still got some work to do on pass blocking but he's young that's one of the last thing RB seem to...
  11. Officiating Was Terrible

    Yeah he was fighting, crowd was loud, and all Griffin did was come push him over it wasn't like he run full tilt into him or lifted him up and threw him down. It was a silly call that hit wasn't violent and the QB hadn't given up at that point either
  12. #UNCvsGT Postgame

    So did they not practice for getting destroyed by our defense
  13. #UNCvsGT Postgame

    A worthy sacrifice to get Awoken Sims back in game...
  14. GT vs Pitt

    Pitt hasn't really shown a overall strong running attack so you got to put Pickett on his butt for sure
  15. GT vs Pitt

    Home game should be pretty packed for big game after big win. Now another great passing team with Pickett who is less of a running threat got to have another good performance on at least pressuring the QB making him get off his spots
  16. Which coach on GT staff (outside of CGC) should feel most pressure to improve?

    Just coming in here to say it sure the hell ain't Thacker!!!!!! Haha
  17. #UNCvsGT Postgame

    That's were my minds at I'll take a Bowl game and some big wins like that shows me we are turning that corner.... BUT I now see we got enough talent on both sides of ball to even take the coastal if things go our way
  18. #UNCvsGT Postgame

    Dude they were pretty much relentless against the Run and Howell when allowed too and we weren't in prevent D mode... 4-5 guys getting home mostly all night
  19. #UNCvsGT Postgame

    This defense is onto something boy and maybe just maybe this offense is waking up... its in front of them now go out and take it!!!
  20. This is a great read covering the Advanced Stats

    I mean Kirby primarily play tackle I thought but I know I saw him in there a little on Saturday I think when they had a injury? They way I see it you have Kirby, Pendley, Lay, A. Smith as options most of other guys are True Freshman that I'm sure they would like to possible hold on to red-shirt...