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  1. Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    I guess the good news is there’s only a handful of teams that really could keep up with this in college football. In the ACC, probably just FSU, Clemson.. Miami would love to try. Even those 3 are way behind the big guys like Texas, Texas A&M, Bama, etc.
  2. Officiating Was Terrible

    Were they not also offsides several times in the first half, uncalled?
  3. Fire Geoff Collins

    That’s it.
  4. Jahmyr Gibbs 2021-22 stat predictions

    We will definitely see more than 2 RBs in every game. Just not expecting 5+ carries out of the other dudes.
  5. Jahmyr Gibbs 2021-22 stat predictions

    For real. Mason will definitely get a decent amount of carries, but Gibbs is a gamebreaker and will get as many touches as possible. He’s a potential 1st round pick in 2023 with his ability to catch out of the backfield. Don’t expect to see much of Griffin or Smith, barring injuries or blowouts...
  6. Article Says BEST CASE Scenario Is 5-7

    This is a pretty superficial article written by one guy. I don’t see getting too worked up over it.
  7. Spring Training 2021

    Has nothing to do with the year. 3rd practice of year 20 would be sloppy, for any coach.
  8. Spring Training 2021

    Given how early we are in Spring, I would expect the offense to look pretty inconsistent no matter how good or bad they are in the fall.
  9. NCAA's Treatment of Women

    This is what I could find on the subject: “While it doesn’t generate anything close to the men’s tournament, the women’s tournament does bring in revenue, mainly through its own TV rights. The NCAA has a 14-year, $500 million deal with ESPN that covers a wide-ranging series of championships...
  10. Returning players for 2021-22

    I think scouts will look at the tape of Moses struggling against lengthier bigs and have real concerns. He’s going to have to develop a jump shot to make it, which he’s shown hints of. Whether he does that at Tech, overseas, or the G league, his call. Guys with motors and a niche have been able...
  11. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    There’s no get-bak coach for the get-bak coach
  12. ACC Tourney

    We really need to figure out how to break a press.
  13. ACC Tourney

    No. But I can read.
  14. ACC Tourney

    Florida basketball issue was not Covid related. Stop spreading false fear!
  15. Emmanuel Johnson has Entered the Portal

    I’d be surprised if we’re pushing guys to move on after being here for only several months. Processing is usually for dudes that have been somewhere 2-3 years and it’s clear they aren’t going to be a contributor.
  16. Any room for more transfers?

    if that’s the case, I’d count on another 3-5 leaving in the Spring, so we could see 5-7 more guys added.
  17. Cochran playing for GT in 2021 season

    Williams was a true freshman with limited camp. Expect a huge jump to his sophomore year. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t start. Quinney is maxed out.
  18. Cochran playing for GT in 2021 season

    Oh he fits. This is big time news!
  19. Team's Biggest Failure

    I think that’s a pretty standard characteristic for a young and inexperienced team.
  20. Ahmarean brown has entered the transfer portal

    He didn’t show much YAC ability but he was a hell of a deep threat. Unfortunately that’s where Sims really struggled this season. Really bummed to see him go. At least we have a couple of really talented guys coming in at the position.