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  1. Gt volleyball beats Arkansas 3-0 at Raleigh

    Match was not close. volleyball on a roll.
  2. Gt BB women vs wake Forrest at noon

    Heading to the game. Win today might translate to a 5th plus seeding in their NCAA bracket.
  3. One of my pet peeves - season ticket holders selling seats to opposing fans ( like this week)

    Normally when we play someone like UGA or Clemson several of our season ticket holders sell their tickets to stubhub or to the opposing fans. For some reason my seats seems to be in the areas sold. I moved to 105 moving away from the guy in back of us who made a “business decision” based on...
  4. Latest on injuries from last night?

    Gt Injury status for game tonight
  5. Increase AT donations

    Love seeing the positive posts and euphoria. Good time to increase AT donations to provide feedback and help move forward. Does not matter the amount, just give an amount over what you give now. Nothing is done with out funding, even with good recruiters.