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  1. Let’s rally behind all the staff and players donning GT

    I disagree. Yes they do. A lot of fan ( gt ) negativity has surrounded the Gt FB program for awhile. not certain if it is the aging group of fans or we just love analyzing and negativity. This situation is not recent. The more negative fans appear to be the more vocal. I don’t post much, but...
  2. Fire Geoff Collins

    Mature approach. Lets see what happens in the off season
  3. Most likely outcome.....

    Really, this is how you spend your time?
  4. Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    Did the dogs finally move out of your seats?
  5. Who's headed to South Bend

    call me at 7703779648. BobHarris 7703779468
  6. Who's headed to South Bend

  7. Attendance Down Significantly (AJC)

    Ok., but it. Sux at this point
  8. Who's headed to South Bend

    Anyone need a parkimg pass in the Jordan lot at the ND stadium. I paid a lot but will provide the Gt fan who goes a special price. Had a knee operation and can’t go. Gave our tickets to the Vet ticket group via GTAA . Electronic transfer.
  9. Ticket Exchange

    Any need a parking pass at the ND stadium? I paid a Lot but will sell reasonable. Saves the lo-o-ng cold walk. In the Jordan section. Need a quick reply.
  10. Who's headed to South Bend

    We had six tickets but also two of us have knee / leg issues. gave the tickets to vets site via gt ticket office.
  11. GT & ACC WBB 2021-2022

    Good for her. Hopefully she’ll finally be able to dress and get on a court…….
  12. From the Seats

  13. From the Seats

    O’Leary and the stadium expansion.
  14. Transfer Impact 2021

    My middle son shared with me years ago he was tired of hearing we are”young” .
  15. GT Vollebees

    Oops. Hope I did not reply too early
  16. GT Vollebees

    Yes, but still won. Part of being ranked and a very good team. FSU is also good, but not as good as GT
  17. Fire Geoff Collins

    Most likely we don’t so how will you deal with it? For me I’ll support him and GT as long as he and staff are under contract. Not happy with the present results but choose to be a Tech fan and make the best of this season. Just tired of reading these type shares…..
  18. Homecoming against VT to kick at 12 noon on RSN.

    Hope you eat those words
  19. Homecoming against VT to kick at 12 noon on RSN.

    Yes, better choice to come to the game!