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  1. crut

    College Football RISK: Season 2

    (Made a new thread for this so that things in the other thread don't confuse people) We are all bored as hell with coronavirus taking away our sports. Well, here's a fun distraction for you to help you continue your Georgia Tech fandom! It is basically a giant game of Risk, with some...
  2. crut

    Kristian Sjolund to Transfer

  3. crut

    Fifth Quarter ACC Poll

    They have been doing a bracket to determine the best uniforms in the ACC on Twitter. GT has made it to the finals vs. UNC. Let's bring this one home!
  4. crut

    Future Uniform Rumor

  5. crut

    UGA Recruiting in Trouble

    I didn't see a thread on this yet... But given the intense rumors of systematic cheating since Smart came on board, I'm not surprised. 2 staffers fired, rumors are that NCAA investigation may be coming...
  6. crut

    #404Takeover Day

    From yesterday: Today:
  7. crut

    Petition: Use Gold as a Primary Color

    Hey all, this was mentioned very deep within the color debate thread, but I wanted to give it its own thread to provide it more exposure. There is a petition urging the Georgia Tech Athletics Association (GTAA) and Adidas to use Tech Gold as a primary color, and as a consequence, stop using...
  8. crut

    Coach Thacker Lays Down a Jam (Offseason Workout Video)

    Does he still have any eligibility?
  9. crut

    UNC @ GT Tuesday @ 7PM

    It's a Goldout! Hopefully the roads will be good to go by then.
  10. crut

    Brent Key Podcast

    With Wiley Ballard
  11. crut

    Collins Fingerpoint Watch

    Because this thread needed to be made.
  12. crut

    New Chief of Football Staff and Director of Football Operations Hired

    Add another two to the staff list!
  13. GTJackets

    GT Picks Up Football Assistant AD
  14. crut

    Perspective on Josh Pastner

    I've seen a decent amount of talk about Josh Pastner over the past month and how people are already ready for him to go. Let this stat give people a moment to put into perspective how difficult it is to bring a team to prominence in the ACC. It also requires time. Other than Okogie and sort...
  15. crut

    Fresh New Winter Whites

    Plus a giveaway for the UGA game
  16. crut

    Improving Georgia Tech Athletics - Crowdsourced Ideas

    Hey there everyone. I am an active member on a couple GT boards and have a few friend groups as well that are pretty invested in Georgia Tech Athletics. From spending time in these spaces, it's easy to tell that a lot of us have a lot of ideas on how to improve GT Athletics, whether that's in...
  17. crut

    Georgia Tech Rollcall Opportunity

    Today Georgia Tech sent out an email about donating to Roll Call for "Giving Tuesday" (the day after Cyber Monday apparently). I think this is a good opportunity to make a statement to the school. I will be giving $0.01 to get the AT point as well as to be able to make a statement that I will...
  18. crut

    Demetris Robertson

    Remember this guy? Lets talk about him some more!
  19. crut

    College Football "Brand" Rankings

    They asked athletes about different schools. Here's the results: The full analysis:
  20. crut

    College Football RISK on Reddit

    This is a pretty fun idea. And I feel like there are definitely some Reddit users on here, so let's get after it!