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  1. Longestday

    Anyone watching Coastal Carolina tonight?

    I love this offense ... very fun to watch.
  2. Longestday

    I just looked at some data

    So, I decided to look at Virginia’s 2010 coaching change. Mike London took over and recruited top 25 classes until 2013, top 30 2014, and then a 50th rank in 2015. Recruiting will only be part of the equation. Does anyone know why he failed with outstanding recruiting?
  3. Longestday

    If you are asking WHY

    This post says a million words Anyone care to post ACC spending ranking by year since 2008? I think the spending is going on in the right direction... but is it enough to compete?
  4. Longestday

    Recruiting issue raised by a past Auburn football athelete

    I work with a past Auburn football athelete who was recruiting by GT. He had an intresting recruiting perspective to add. He started off by saying the GT college campus is in Atlanta. I interupted and said, "wait a minute, the slums are gone and hookers no longer walk the streets next to Tech...
  5. Longestday

    GT needed a change

    GT needed a change for the fan base. I am very happy Monken was not hired as this year and next will be tough no matter who is the coach. All losses would have been blamed on the TO versus the real issue of the last AD and the low level of spending on program (last in the ACC). I can't say I am...
  6. Longestday

    First play of the GTvMiami

    What is CPJs first play call on Saturday... I am struggling to decided. With TQM I go with a speed option. With TO I would start with the QB sweep.... and allow the pitch on play two. The rocket toss did well in last years game. The dive did not do well last year. My bet is that CPJ starts...
  7. Longestday

    Chuck O Show and CPJ

    Not much there... Wed hour 2 segment 2 midway....
  8. Longestday

    I like this defense better. Why do I like this defense better?

    I am trying to figure out why I like this defense better. By the data I should not... 2018 v 2017 5.8 YPP versus 5.6 YPP 31.8PPG versus 28.2 PPG (all points) 28.1 PPG defense only versus 26.2PPG defense only 58% TOP for 56% TOP 6 versus 4 third down conversion per game 66 versus 66 Opp plays...
  9. Longestday

    Interesting Turnover Stats

    2014 takeaways 2.2 per game 2015 1.3 2016 1.6 2017 0.7 2018 takeaways 2.1 per game 2014 giveaways 1.4 per game 2015 2.1 2016 1.1 2017 1.5 2018 giveaways 1.5 per game
  10. Longestday

    GT v Miami

    I hope CPJ comes out playing a little more smash mouth football on the first two series. Bring the triple in the 2nd Q and the midline in the 2nd half. Get them out of their practice thoughts on the option. You would think the QB zone sweeps and the threat of a Aback reverse would setup the...
  11. Longestday

    Film Room Brush up on UNC

  12. Longestday

    Film Room GT v D 2018 Film Review

    This should be done uploading by the morning....
  13. Longestday

    GT v USF First Play?

    What do you have as our first play???
  14. Longestday

    Cutting off the QB scramble

    I know everyone has seen this already, but what do you think about how the DE curl back to cut off the QB scramble?
  15. Longestday

    A few USF Plays

    To the Bulls fans... there is a little trash talk, but not much : )
  16. Longestday

    Film Room GT v Alcorn

    Not my best! Forgive me calling the BBack an ABack at the beginning but I was not going to restart!
  17. Longestday

    TQM did better than you give credit!

    This is a team game. I reviewed the 1st half and found the A-backs did not get the ball because the play was not called or the defense took away that option. All this bad reads and hogs the ball stuff is hogwash. Stars denote what I believe to be a miss by TQM. 1st bad option the backside let...