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  1. ibeattetris

    Statistics that give me hope about our offense

    I don't think I had many positives to say last year about our offense (rank 100 in offensive efficiency and a solid rank 122 in points per play yikes). However, the amount of negativity so far this year has been a bit uncalled for. I won't be arguing that we are good on offense, or that there is...
  2. ibeattetris

    GT Offense Questions Featuring Gifs

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm not @Ibeeballin or @Longestday , so bear with me. I have had some questions about plays in the past and sometimes I see a play and wonder the plan. The post is mainly about me asking questions and making some observations. Anyone familiar with what we are trying...
  3. ibeattetris

    2019 FEI and PPD Data

    Now that FEI is officially 2019 only data I am starting this thread for weekly updates regarding our FEI and PPD. If you want to see my previous thread for PPD data, it can be found here: For information...
  4. ibeattetris

    BCF Toys 2019 Point per drive data now live It's week four and the PPD data is finally showing up. For those that don't know, bcftoys is the personal site of the person who created the FEI rating. The data is FBS vs FBS only (so in our case Citadel is not included) and does not include drives that...
  5. ibeattetris

    Is this the greatest NFL RB rush of all time?

    I just saw this and don't think I have seen anything to match it. If someone has a better example (maybe Barry Sanders has something to top this?) I'd love to see it.
  6. ibeattetris

    Everyone loves GT’s fight song

    Not sure where else to put this. We all need a distraction from the coach change anyways
  7. ibeattetris

    Longestday's GTvUL Offense Review

    I messaged Longestdays and asked if it was okay to post his videos over here. He said he didn't mind. Here is his latest installment of our offense versus UofL
  8. ibeattetris

    Anyone know a contact email address for ?

    My dad was trying to get some news related to GT football. He went to and went to football news: He mentioned that he couldn't believe the image they chose to be the cover photo for this part of the site (incredibly red stands with...
  9. ibeattetris

    Champions of Life

    I recently discovered that the cfb subreddit tracks a "Champions of Life" belt. Apparently, we are the current holders of the belt. By losing to Tennessee but covering the spread, we became the holders. We have since covered the spread in our games and remain the holders. While earning the...
  10. ibeattetris

    Interview with CJP on ESPN radio

    Covers everything from the win against ND to building his staff to his time at Memphis. Good interview:
  11. ibeattetris

    Pre game show

    My dad and sisters are currently driving to Atlanta from Alabama for the game (my envy is enormous). They wanted to know if the pre-game show would be available on the road. I know 680 will have it as they get closer, but I doubt they will pick that up for a while. Does anyone know if the game...
  12. ibeattetris

    Offense Question

    I didn't see a stickied thread this year like last one, so feel free to merge this if I missed it. I have been watching the Penn State Army game this morning and had a question. It seems like army relies a lot more on the midline option than we do. Is there a reason Paul Johnson seems to not...