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  1. HurricaneJacket

    Screw it. Its now Hate Week

    We have zero chance. I have no hope at the moment. But I can let the hate flow through me and warm my soul. **** the dormers, but I am done with that putrid mess. Put a knife in their bus tires, hope the team all catch food poisoning, understand that in military terms its a suicide mission...
  2. HurricaneJacket

    Game 10 Threads Finally GWG

    With Gold Numbers
  3. HurricaneJacket

    9/11 20 Years Later and a Red Bandana

    For those that don't know, Boston College had a former Lacrosse Player named Welles Crowther. He died wearing his red bandana while being directly responsible for saving at least 18 lives as the towers collapsed that day. Over on the GT Football Facebook group, a member suggested that we as a...
  4. HurricaneJacket

    Homecoming against VT to kick at 12 noon on RSN.

    Wish it was later for HC activities.
  5. HurricaneJacket

    Are we playing Georgia in Men's ball this year?

    Sunday is the game for the women, but I don't see the school (sic) in Athens on the guys schedule. Did the cancel the game due to covid?
  6. HurricaneJacket

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day everybody! If you haven't lately, take a minute to read the Declaration: And remember, that despite all the current and historical strife, the ideal of this country is still worth defending. "We hold these...
  7. HurricaneJacket

    Podcast from former Tech Athlete

    Hey Guys, Former Tech athlete JC Lanier has an anime podcast on youtube if anyone is interested. I'm sure they'd appreciate the views and potential likes.
  8. HurricaneJacket

    All Decade Team voting, link in 1st comment
  9. HurricaneJacket

    680 GT Show on Youtube

    All, I just found out that 680 has been running a weekly show/podcast on youtube called Talkin' Tech. They never advertised this, but is has JoeHam, Hometeam Brandon Leak, and Sean Nearny. We as Tech fans need to play on youtubes metrics and go watch the videos, like them, comment, etc...
  10. HurricaneJacket

    Twas the Night Before Hatesgiving

    Twas the night before hatesgiving, and all through the land, every Yellow Jacket prepared to again lend their team a hand. The jerseys were hung in the lockers with care, in the hopes that Coach Dodd soon would be there. During the night there arose such a clatter that it shook Buzz out of his...
  11. HurricaneJacket

    New Youtube Video previewing Coach Collins and our 2019 season

    Let's push up this guys views and get more organic coverage!
  12. HurricaneJacket

    Happy Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day everyone. Please take a minute and remember the men and women who cashed the check that read "up to and including my life" in the defense of our country. Also, if you're looking for something to do on this hot Monday, find a copy of Jackrabbit and read about the only Yellow...
  13. HurricaneJacket

    President Peterson has announced his retirement

    Below is the text of an email that my sister (a GT student who graduated in December) forwarded to me this morning. President Peterson has announced his retirement to the campus body. "To the Georgia Tech campus community: I have indicated to Chancellor Steve Wrigley my desire to step down as...
  14. HurricaneJacket

    X's & O's question

    Can our film study gurus @Longestday and @Ibeeballin give us laymen an odea of what to expect from the new OC and DC? Thanks guys!
  15. HurricaneJacket

    The Future of Georgia Tech (Hypothetical)

    Since we're in the offseason, and this discussion came up during the Holidays, allow me to offer the quorum the following topic for debate and discussion. If you were in control of the future of GT as an institute, what would you do to put GT in the best position possible by our 150th birthday...
  16. HurricaneJacket

    In 13 hours....

    Ladies and Gentlemen of Jacket Nation... In 13 hours our boys will enter the field of battle. If you are going to Athens, put your war face on and prepare for battle. Make the puppies know that we belong, and that we will not simply roll over to further their dreams. Take all of your...
  17. HurricaneJacket

    One game seasons

    Guys from now on we have a series od 1 game seasons. It is very unlikely that we are going to win the Coastal this year, so right now its a season to win game 2. Then after that win its a season to win game 3, and on and on til its done. Take a deep breath, focus on BGSU, and win. We'll deal...
  18. HurricaneJacket

    Quick Question about Stadium

    Does the Upper East have a publically accessible elevator? @LadyHurricaneJacket has injured her legs and can't do the stairs. I tried contacting GTAA but just got a recorded message.