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  1. cmathis

    Collins report card after 2 seasons

    Is there a grade below F?
  2. cmathis

    Fire Geoff Collins

    100% opposite of CGC's presser I just watched. That was almost as embarrassing as the game itself. The dude seems clueless.... I could have stood up there and said all those things.
  3. cmathis

    Fire Geoff Collins

    *Kyle Shanahan went to a super bowl.
  4. cmathis

    CGC on 680

    I don't really see that blind infatuation like you do. It just so happens that some of the coaches people want back here happen to be damn good ones.
  5. cmathis

    Welcome Coach Collins!

    I have 0 problem with it if it excites the players. Cheesy or not, if it gets our team amped up, do it. Heck I'll even buy the chain.
  6. cmathis

    Welcome Coach Collins!

    It will be streamed live on
  7. cmathis

    Please GT, get a new PA music person.

    Hence the need for a new PA op.
  8. cmathis

    Recruits, Current Players react to the Collins Hire.

    This tweet is almost a year old. Am I missing something?
  9. cmathis

    OC Hire

    Talking what-ifs is half the fun. :rolleyes:
  10. cmathis

    OC Hire

    Now I could get on board with Matt Canada.
  11. cmathis

    Potential Head Coach Hires

    Something tells me our offense would even get a little better under Monken. He just comes across as more open to changing something if it doesn't work. CPJ is a great coach, but his stubbornness was one of our major issues IMO. I just don't get that vibe from Monken.
  12. cmathis

    Potential Head Coach Hires

    I personally don't think it means anything, other than the coaches just making sure our voice is still out there while we're in this kind of limbo. To be honest, I would be ok with it if this is the route we chose, but all the other alternatives excite me a little bit more. Even if it means a...
  13. cmathis

    Potential Head Coach Hires

    Ah, got it. My bad!
  14. cmathis

    Potential Head Coach Hires

    How would moving from OC at Clemson to HC at GT be a lateral move? It would be his first HC job, taking over a CPJ option team and making it his own, really making a name for himself (hopefully).
  15. cmathis

    Tennessee Game 1

    The dog looks scared. I like it.
  16. cmathis

    Seating in Athens

    Heading to the game in Athens this year for the first time. Is there an area where the Tech fans usually sit, or is it more spread out?
  17. cmathis

    I have heard it all now

    A lot of people's argument against Richt was that he wasn't doing enough with the talent they had. Now that he's gone, the talent isn't that great. Makes sense if you don't think about it.
  18. cmathis

    Mills Suspended

    Eh, no big deal. At least now he knows how serious the team rules are.
  19. cmathis

    Postgame BC

    That's exactly what he did in 2014. He said something to the effect that our offense was so good, that he just wanted the D to play aggressively and get off the field so the offense could get back on. If they scored, whatever. If they didn't, great. He just knew that even if they did score, our...
  20. cmathis

    Postgame BC

    Only 119 yards rushing and pretty much equal time of possession. :/ Still, only the first game, and a win is a win.