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  1. cmathis

    Seating in Athens

    Heading to the game in Athens this year for the first time. Is there an area where the Tech fans usually sit, or is it more spread out?
  2. cmathis

    Clemson - FSU

    Clemson a 12pt favorite? :o I know it's in Death Valley, but wow. I fully expect it to be a much closer game than that.
  3. cmathis

    Football Outsiders FEI Offensive/Defensive Efficiency

    From another board. Don't really know what I think about any of this, other than I don't like our norm.
  4. cmathis

    Anyone record it?

    Anyone get a good recording of the end of the game? I'm famous, and I want a high-quality copy of this to frame it!
  5. cmathis

    Just going to leave this here!

    Priceless. Watch the video. Seeing him make this face is even better.
  6. cmathis

    To all the Debbie Downers...

    It's in too many threads, I have to make my own. Please just shut up and let everyone on here enjoy this win, even if you can't. No, our offense wasn't great. Yes, we made a lot of mistakes. We're not great this year and everyone on here knows that, I promise. But. We. Won. We beat the #9...
  7. cmathis

    I figured it out!!

    I know why we're struggling this year. Last year I got the free tickets each week and sat in the south endzone and we won every game I attended. This year, I have SWARM, and you all know the results.... Saturday, I'm sitting in the south. We're gonna win. It's not crazy if it works, right???
  8. cmathis

    Ireland Game 2016

    Quick question... Does anyone know when tickets for the Ireland game next year go on sale? I can't find anything about it.