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  1. 00Burdell

    The morning after

    Pretty sure you or I would look like a genius if we were coaching a bunch of 5-star OL. But there is a legit concern that the talent we have is just stagnating. No one seems to be improving.
  2. 00Burdell

    Opposing fan perspective

    Put me down for skeptical of the two points from "some guy."
  3. 00Burdell

    Game 5 Predictions for Pitt. @ G.T.

    I took my daughter to the game at Pitt where we went up 28-0 in the first six minutes. Good times. And quiet too.
  4. 00Burdell

    Game 5 Predictions for Pitt. @ G.T.

    Turns out Blewitt has one game of eligibility left so I figure he'll kick 17 field goals this Saturday. All from Pitt territory.
  5. 00Burdell

    Pitt is favored

    I'm obviously biased even tho I try not to be but I am really struggling to understand all the love Pitt is getting. Its October and they have yet to set foot in the ACC. They played one reasonably decent team and three warmups. We played a then top-ten team on the road and hosted a ranked...
  6. 00Burdell

    Things you would like to say to CGC

    1. Do your effing job.
  7. 00Burdell

    Game 2 #KSUvsGT Media

    NIU Drew up the blueprint. We don't know how to make defensive substitutions. Expect KSU to attack that weakness.
  8. 00Burdell

    NIU HC Breaks Down Upset

    And I had the impression that Pnut said it would be us playing bully ball. Wow, we are getting schooled.
  9. 00Burdell

    Someone talk me into going to the game Saturday night.

    Dude - we are all worn out over what has happened since spring 2020 but you need to step up. I think its great that you married a hot babe but that doesn't mean you should give up the things that were important to you before. I've been around the block a few times - you can trust my advice...
  10. 00Burdell

    Coach Collins Show on 680 the fan right now

    Yeahbut that was with Gailey's players. :giggle:
  11. 00Burdell

    Coach Collins Show on 680 the fan right now

    Who knows - maybe he's meeting with Fridge once a week or something.
  12. 00Burdell

    Vet Tix Donations (How to...)

    So happy to hear this. You knuckleheads can have my tickets anytime.
  13. 00Burdell

    Coach Collins Show on 680 the fan right now

    I have had my reservations about CDP but when I hear him say he can run the same play out of 10 different formations, then I start to get real interested. Note to staff: we are not going to open the playbook this weekend. Or next weekend. Maybe week three. Seems we have a big game that weekend.
  14. 00Burdell

    Go Clemson

    I didn't think the dwags had any depth at QB either but I don't really keep up with them.
  15. 00Burdell

    Just watching Nebraska . . .

    Jerry has been around way too long to make a comparison this ridiculous. It's seriously unfair to Sims. Besides, Frost won't be Nebraska's coach in 2022.
  16. 00Burdell

    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    Never mind - found it:
  17. 00Burdell

    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    Would someone kindly re-link that site that sells the high-end GT gear (expensive) that they make it on order and ship it in about a week. Not Section103 - I already order bling from them. The stuff on this site was top of the line outerwear. I can't find the post where it was linked about 3...
  18. 00Burdell

    Pick one: Collins, Choice, Thacker, Key, or Patenuade

    I would definitely pick the head man CGC and ask a very direct question: When do you expect to beat the dwags? I could ask a zillion other questions but that one answers all the others. FYI - that was the question Auburn asked Pat Dye when he interviewed for the HC job at Auburn ("How long...
  19. 00Burdell

    Former GT assistant coaches Bill O’Brien and Doug Marrone

    I think it's a bit of a concern that Saban has hired these journeymen retreads at the same time the dwags are trying to make a move.
  20. 00Burdell

    Former GT assistant coaches Bill O’Brien and Doug Marrone

    I never got why either of them were as highly regarded as they were. Guess that's why they went from NFL Head Coach to college assistant coach.