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  1. motynes

    Any ideas of where CPJ will head with the new AC

    It seems to me the only real area for that would be a special teams guy. Any other ideas about how this will affect the staff?
  2. motynes

    Quick impressions of the 1st half review of UNC.

    Just finished watching the first half of the UNC game and there were atleast 5-6 plays that Taquan at for either a sack or no gain option that could have just as easily been disasters. Really great plays by Taquan. Ladies and Gents we have a real QB. Not just some athlete playing QB. Not only...
  3. motynes

    Can anyone Wxplain why certain effective plays go missing during the gamethe past few weeks

    Maybe it is the fronts we are facing, but it seems like we have some effective plays with the rocket toss and the BBack lead option that are effective but we only ran the once or twice. How come? We ran the rocket toss and got an effective gain and then we ran it the very next play and it got...
  4. motynes

    When and where is the call in show tonight?

    I'm going to be in Atlanta for business and I would like to catch the show. Since I live on the Mississippi Guld Coast I've never been able to catch it. Any help greatly appreciated.