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  1. Ramblingon

    Sjolund to (not) transfer

    It seemed inevitable that Sjolund would transfer after being asked to redshirt. Not sure where to, but he will be leaving Tech. Would have been good for the future.
  2. Ramblingon

    Another grad to Tech

    Kellen McCormick, as has been reported that we were pursuing, is coming to Tech. This is good news. He's not a super player, but is a great 3 pt shooter (46% with a lot of shots). He's a 6-8 PF and may at least keep us in some games with outside shots. Verbal Commits is reporting, along with...
  3. Ramblingon

    Big Bob to the Big League

    Robert Carter Jr. is declaring for the NBA. Looks like we probably wouldn't have had him this past season anyway, had he stayed.