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  1. Jordan Yates

    You talk about folks hidden on the OL. I saw Lay in the game a few times. I know he filled in admirably last year during some injuries/COVID but you have to wonder why we are still playing walkons with a full compliment of scholarship OL available.
  2. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    I wanted to see him on the field more at the end when they started trying to run over us. I don’t think he or Stone are on the ATL chart but have seen them make plays more than the ones that are.
  3. GT Player Deals

    Dang…going to make it a little harder for me to eat there knowing that and they just opened a new zaxbys down the road from me.
  4. Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    This used to be Some of my favorite weather living in North Ave, seeing all the city lights against the low clouds.
  5. Georgia Postgame

    How about the red IN the student and Swarm sections? I understand bringing friends/family but dangit if I'd let them in there wearing red. Tell them to wear black or white or they can sit somewhere else.
  6. Attendance

    Long time lurker here but thought I'd weigh in. I was a freshman for the 09 season and remember a very vibrant student section in lower north, granted that was for a very good team. A few years later they made the north end zone for student groups only. If you weren't in a group that had a block...