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  1. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Coach Dave Patenaude

    Just to stir the pot a little bit more, why does no one bring up the fact that Coach Key is Run Game Coordinator? From this thread alone, it seems like a lot of people have issues with the run plays. But all the heat is on Coach P. Maybe having two guys worried about the run plays is an issue...
  2. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Coach Dave Patenaude

    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I actually think we should pass more. Other teams know that our RBs are our strength and they sell out to stop it. They say let sims beat us through the air, I say why not try? Sims has certainly improved his passing game since last year. Pitt was...
  3. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Survey for BDS

    I think the south endzone would be a great place for a supporters section. Since few students sit there anyway maybe the north endzone student section would look better after they move there. Upper north could make a good GA section since it’s almost always completely empty and has a great view...
  4. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Game 5 Predictions for Pitt. @ G.T.

    I’m real nervous. This game is huge for us, we need to keep our momentum up. Win this and I can see us winning the next 2. Lose, and UNC might be just a blip on the radar. I have faith in our guys though.
  5. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Game 4 #UNCvsGT Predictions

    My bold prediction: GT wins a close one. 34-31. However, the Fire Geoff Collins thread still gets bumped tomorrow night because he dresses funny.
  6. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Jordan Yates

    At this stage in the rebuild I think we just need someone solid. I was a big Sims fan and TBH I thought we were completely screwed when I first saw Yates come in vs NIU. I will happily eat crow about that now. I understand that Sims has a higher ceiling than Yates, but we need a dude that just...
  7. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Hire Geoff Collins

    Even if Clemson took a step back, they are still a top 10 team most likely, top 25 at worst. We went to the wire and were competitive against them all game. Idk what else you can ask for considering where we have been for the past couple of years.
  8. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    This dudes got his MIND RITE
  9. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Predictions

    My bold prediction is that we don’t lose by 10 TDs
  10. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Potential playoff expansion

    Also just wanna point out that with this system GT would have been in the playoffs in 1990, 1998, 2009, and 2014. So, we would realistically be moving from making the playoffs maybe once a generation to probably once a decade.
  11. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Potential playoff expansion

    Another thing I love about this format is that, while it’s unlikely, it’s technically possible for us to beat UGA in a playoff game at Bobby Dodd. Which I think would probably be the greatest day of my life.
  12. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Potential playoff expansion

    For example, if this system was in place last year we would have had Coastal Carolina and Cincinnati in the playoffs over Oregon, which I personally love.
  13. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Potential playoff expansion

    Not if they’re champs of their conference
  14. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Survey for BDS

    What happens when the chairs are blue?
  15. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Jamie Foxx at GT

    If you’re an SA at GT imagine how cool it is to see Jamie Foxx casually stroll into your locker room. Or Jalen hurts or whoever it is that may be in Atlanta that day. This is the type of culture that will draw recruits to GT.
  16. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    3 wins I’d be distraught 4 wins I’d be disappointed 5 wins I’d be underwhelmed 6 wins I’d be satisfied 7 wins I’d be happy 8+ wins I’d be ecstatic I also expect to add at least 2 more wins to the total in 2022.
  17. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    2021 Uniform Debate

    So uh, Uniforms yeah. Isn’t adidas supposed to be giving us a new primary uniform template for this season? I thought it was every 3 years they do that.
  18. TheJuiceIsLoose404

    Where does this year's coaching by Pastner rank in GT history?

    For what it’s worth Ken Pomeroy says the 2004 ACC is the strongest conference in college basketball history.