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  1. Sean311

    Anyway we could get this guy back?
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    Game 2 #KSUvsGT Media
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    Delete it I don’t care!! LFG!!
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    Jalen Hurts @GT

    Nothing groundbreaking here I just think it’s cool to have high profile guys on campus. Another reason why kids should come to GT.
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    James Graham??

    Anyone find it interesting that they haven’t posted one thing about JG in any of the social media posts lately? Is he planning to transfer or opt out?
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    GT Football: The Buzz

    Episode 1
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    JG to start?

  8. Sean311

    Worst team in ACC?

  9. Sean311

    Steve Hummer is relentless

    Personally, I think this guy is being a huge ******* but he isn’t lying...
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    Stadium CGC Interview

    Great interview and insight
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    GT-Clemson on College Gameday

  13. Sean311

    What players are you most excited to see in the Fall?

    Whatcha got?? Here’s my top 5 Jamious Griffin Ahmarean Brown Tobias Oliver Juanyeh Thomas Jalen Camp
  14. Sean311

    GT picked last in Coastal We have been picked to finish LAST!!! lol. Man I hope the players see this.
  15. Sean311

    ACC Media Days Haven’t seen this posted yet so I’ll start it up. The man himself CGC will speak @ 1:45pm on Thursday July 18th GT Reps: Jalen Camp’s hamstrings David Curry
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    What would JT have done in this offense?

    What say you?
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    Whiteout against USF I kind of like that the whiteout game is against USF. It will be a hot day as well so it makes sense. Edit: it won’t post the pic for some reason.
  18. Sean311

    Kirby on CGC

    He knows what’s up
  19. Sean311

    CPJ on ESPN Film Room Will join others to break down the Cotton Bowl