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  1. Coach Dave Patenaude

    Nah remember it was a QB keeper offense.
  2. Triple Option

    Part of that may hav ealso been wommack. Wommack was not a bad DC, but he was defintiey a settle DC when johnson could get ellis johnson
  3. Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    Money down sponsered by wallstreetbets.
  4. #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    Wasn't an overturn. Was a confirm. Call on teh field was a fumble. Upshaw ironically was an interestign QB for southern in that he was favored by the coaches ( a transfer brought in to play QB) but never could quite beat out Ellison because he was turnover prone. Eventually they jus tplayed...
  5. Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    No throwing cross body is. A crossing pattern just means you are throwing it after the mesh usually its at the hashes. Good QBs (watch aaron rodgers) Drift towards the crosser they are throwing to counter pocket penetration. If doen correctly you are either going to get a good reception for...
  6. Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    Yep but you can alleviate some of that by moving the point of launch and hitting tight ins on out breaking crossers.
  7. PERSPECTIVE; ATL, 404, etc.

    Fridge mgiht have stayed if we had named him or o'leary had a anothe rjob one year earlier it was gogin to be hard to keep him from Maryland HC.
  8. Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    What i'd really liek to see is some synergistic play calling, on both sides of the ball. I feel we are droppign into shell coverage and not disguising blitzes well enough recently if we blitz at all nor do i think we are running enough lurk or robber. On offense, we are predictable but don't...
  9. Hire Geoff Collins

    Maybe Jacksonville will hire him.
  10. How to watch today??

    VPN out of the southeast and you should be able to watch on espn3
  11. Triple Option

    That stat doesn't really mean much given how run heavy we were and a lot of throws happened in desperation.
  12. Triple Option

    It was a two edge sword if johnson has the resources of cut he'd be able to find those that were interested. Do better analysis etc and get the ones he could get. If he was winning 9-10 wins a year and consistently putign receivers and slotbacks into the pros i doubt that negative recruiting works.
  13. Triple Option

    I think if johnson had the resources cutcliffe had at duek we'd haev consistently recruited aroudn 40. Which with johnson probably would have been enough for 9 wins on the average with spikes every 4 years or so
  14. Triple Option

    Probably their base 11 with an orbit motion from their slot reciever. Thats how they've done it before.
  15. Game 6 #GTvsDUKE Predictions

    Got the 6 wrong its actually just 3 safeties.
  16. Triple Option

    A lot of times we faced some academic attrition. Rememebr Trey KLock didn't get into our MBA program and had to transfer to Northwestern(!). We definitely had some kids that decided tech wasn't for them and transfer out. Then we have a VAD who just didn't like getting hit. Most of our defensive...
  17. Triple Option

    Not just hawaii in Georgia Southerns first NC game they threw for 473 yards.
  18. Triple Option

    Which sucks because if we ran fridge's offense we wouldn't be having this problem either. We also have atleast a few triple plays in this playbook but we don't seem to call anything on setup. For instance we kept running that read dive and they were crashing hard, if we had a triple look off of...
  19. LOS

    Yeah some of that list is odd. Im wondering if it is just touchdown percentage.