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  1. Fan Day

    He was DL, just a big *** dude
  2. Fan Day

  3. Fan Day

    Two things I noticed: 1 - Knight was out at LB and calling some coverages. Seemed like he will stay at LB for now. 2 - Wing Green, Devin Cochran, and Zeek Biggers are all massive individuals. Look forward to them contributing on the line. 3 - McGowan looked fluid and very comfortable in the...
  4. NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Dang, tough draw. But we have to beat the best to be the best
  5. ACC Tournament 2021

    Jeez. And a 2 run home run by Parada that was overturned. It was barely foul too
  6. ACC Tournament 2021

    Man this is a frustrating. Wide strike zone and we keep hitting into double plays
  7. ACC Tournament 2021

    So after the first day VT, Clemson, and UNC are out. UNC took a gamble and saved their ace, Love, for Nc State. Looks like that backfired
  8. THWG

    Great game! Way to battle back Jackets!
  9. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Late to the game here, are single game tickets not available due to Covid? if so, I’m looking to buy 3 tickets to the Pitt game on Friday. Please message me if you have any!
  10. Ga State Wednesday 4PM (? was Tuesday)

    Wow I know and have worked with both of them! Great guys!
  11. #DUKEvsGT Postgame Discussion

    I’ve been to two practices before. He doesn’t Nick Saban level yell but he does raise his voice and is very intense. He also told a DB to stay after practice to work with him on his tackling technique - he was tackling wrong and in a way that could hurt his neck. IMO he is doing the right...
  12. ACC to play 10-game conference-only schedule for the 2020 season.

    Nah give me a cupcake like Wake or NC State, we need that extra win for recruiting.
  13. College Football RISK: Season 2

    Just joined. Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for posting!
  14. Questions for Stansbury

    I am giving. I’m assuming most fans here are. I guess a better question is how is GT encouraging fans to give more in both amount/frequency.
  15. Questions for Stansbury

    What can the average fan do to support the football program? Why are the south end zone seats always empty and are we going to do anything to change it because it looks awful every game.
  16. CDP play calling

    I personally think we saw a lot of development with Graham over the course of the season. I know it took a while but I have no problem using the first 4 games to break in the new QBs to set the foundation moving forward - especially with the injuries we had. We say competition is king, I’m...
  17. Georgia Tech Football Ticket Exchange

    Section 111 ticket for $70
  18. Georgia Tech Football Ticket Exchange

    Selling single uGA ticket. Section 111 for $110. Prefer to go to GT fans. Dm if interested
  19. #122

    122 is what number this team is. We started our football program in 1892 and took 5 years off for WW2. Tennessee does something similar, I’m sure most college football programs do.
  20. Georgia Tech Football Ticket Exchange

    Can’t make the uGA game. Selling my section 111 ticket - hoping one of you guys can have it before I sell it on stubhub/Ticketmaster.