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    Tucker Gleason

    Just a question. Does anyone have the inside track on why he has not been given a shot? There was a highlight of him just before the start of the season throwing a rope to Ryan King. I know he comes from a well coached school.
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    With the season now at an end, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the things that I personally believe should make us all very optimistic about the future of our football program. I realize there are many things we could cherry pick on both sides to be positive or negative about...
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    ACC Football 2018 Wild Card Players
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    Jerome Riase

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    The 4:12 Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ken Swilling said it in 1990. Now another Swilling says it. I'm PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lunch Bunch Todd Stansbury

    This is a recap someone did from There is a lot of interesting nuggets from the recap of what Stansbury is wanting to do. The person who did the recap below was also late to the lunch bunch so no telling what other interesting points were discussed. Thought I would share with...
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    Minnesota Gophers - Ken Niumatalolo Would love to see the TOS in the Big 10.
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    I want these days back. Soon.
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    2016 Defense

    When you look at the first seven games of the season our DEFENSE gave up: 14 points to Boston College - 14 in the 2nd half 10 points to Mercer - 3 in the 2nd half 7 points to Vanderbilt - 0 in the 2nd half 26 points to Clemson - 3 in the 2nd half 21 points to Miami - 7 in the 2nd half 37 points...
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    Fumble Pro

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    Jed Bradley

    Traded to the Braves!
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    2017 HOF Ballot Lucius Sanford made the list.
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    GT 2016 Roster and Spring Depth Chart

    I put this PDF attachment together for kicks and giggles. Just wanted to get you guys and gals to weigh in on it and let me know what I need to edit.
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    Diamond In The Rough

    Going back to CPJ's first recruiting class we have had at least one if not more guys who have fit this bill. Just for kicks... I used the rating system of Rivals. All of the players on this list were relative unknowns to Rivals and all their glory. The ratings don't always reflect the...
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    Official Offseason Thread

    2016 - 3016 Version This is for all who are bored and/or want to post threads/comments that are meaningless. This is for comments/threads that are non conducive to a healthy GT lifestyle. Threads like this very one I am creating. Threads that most of us click on thinking, "Oh man! This...
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    Top Five college football upsets in 2015

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    2 Yards vs. -2 Yards

    During the weekly presser a reporter asked about this briefly. It wasn't discussed in depth because we have an array of other issues. I get it. However, We all know JT is capable of doing amazing things with his feet when there is nothing there on a play. And not only him but other players...