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  1. MWT89

    Tech enrollment

    Cabrera's August email had the following: Given the increasing student interest in Georgia Tech, the insatiable demand for our graduates from leading companies in Georgia and elsewhere, and the growing startup ecosystem around us, we are making plans to grow the size of our undergraduate...
  2. MWT89

    New admissions program for Atlanta Public School students This is effectively the same program as the Conditional Transfer Pathway for alumni children (something I'm familiar with). The transfer requirements (courses, grades) are not a...
  3. MWT89

    CPJ, former players and racism

  4. MWT89

    GT lacrosse 2020

    Another excellent team with high expectations. National ranking: #4 Record: 2 - 0 with wins over BYU (powerhouse program) and Vandy (not a powerhouse). Go Jackets!
  5. MWT89

    Incident at Second Sun

    I'm a member of a "Buckhead Natives" Facebook group and this was recently posted. I have no recollection of the incident. Anyone know the story? The Second Sun was a saloon. At its Roswell Rd. location six or so Tech football players were admittedly drunk on PCP. One, Lenny something, after...
  6. MWT89

    Jog my memory - GT band in the 1980s

    Which song did the band play in the 1980s? All Right Now by Free Free Ride by The Edgar Winter Group I think it was Free Ride, but certainly could be wrong. Anyone recall?
  7. MWT89


    Do you remember when a big time college football game was on TV the announcers would go through the starting line up and mention each player's major? They at least pretended the players were true student-athletes. These days, no one even pretends... Yes, I know there are plenty of exceptions...
  8. MWT89

    What's up with Jumpman?

    Have we run him off? His last post was December 21. He was a valuable contributor and I hope he comes back.
  9. MWT89

    Thrillerdome buzzer beaters

    I've been to three: 03/01/89 - Dennis Scott beats UNC 01/28/17 - Josh Okogie beats Notre Dame 11/28/17 - Tadric Jackson beats Northwestern That's chronological and in order of preference.
  10. MWT89

    Dewberry contributions?

    Not the most flattering article, but it's hard to argue with his success. His estimated net worth is $700 million and a friend of mine who has worked with him said his goal is to become a billionaire. I'm...
  11. MWT89

    North Texas tickets

    Anyone have two tickets to the North Texas game that they won't be using?
  12. MWT89

    Georgia loyalty oath

    I recall signing a loyalty oath pledging that I wasn't a member of the Communist Party when I was hired as a TA in the late 1980s. Does anyone else remember doing the same? Is that law still on the books for State of Georgia employees? This story is what brings it to mind...
  13. MWT89

    Lethal Weapon 3

    I found this in my parents' garage recently - an autographed Lethal Weapon 3 poster. It hung in my dad's office for years and now it's going up in mine.
  14. MWT89

    Stansbury Twitter?

    Bobinski Tweeted under @GaTechAD, but that account is no longer active. Anyone know if Stansbury will use it or create a personal one for Tech news?