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  1. jojatk

    Ok we are 3-3 so what concerns you the most ( any thing but the coaches)

    What concerns me most is the injuries that are decimating various position groups. No blame anywhere. Just that that is what concerns me moving forward for the rest of the season as I think it has the potential to be the most destructive thing towards continued progress.
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    I can't tell you how awesome it is to watch GT fans battling each other to belittle one GT QB or the other so much that they can right about which one they like. Yes, it's great to be a fuzzy bee.
  3. jojatk

    #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    Interestingly, and not that I'm suggesting we played well on defense, we held them to about 8 yards UNDER their season average going into the game. They were 12th in the nation in total offense and we actually "held" them to their second lowest point total of the year (UNC held them to 7...
  4. jojatk

    Thoughts on GA TECH v UGA at Mercedes Benz Every year?

    My understanding is that this is not about UGA itself making more money having the game in Athens than at the Benz. It’s about what it would do to the local Athens gameday economy. As was mentioned, they already lose the Florida game. Many of the local businesses count on the revenue from the...
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    Where the haters?

  6. jojatk

    Where the haters?

    I can't say that I can relate to them like he does. But I do have an almost-18 year old and a 22 year old and BOTH of them love how he talks about the program and think a lot of the things many people here dislike are the coolest parts. My almost-18 is not a huge football fan in general but...
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    Corner turned?

    I agree that it's better if he works out. At this point he hasn't shown me that he will, and I've been pretty open minded and defended him at times over the last couple of years. Last night was not a bad performance by him but at the moment he hasn't shown me enough for me to feel he's going...
  8. jojatk

    Corner turned?

    This must have been an incredibly painful post for you to author. You almost said something not negative about Collins. I can tell how hard the win was for you to swallow. BTW, I personally would still prefer that we not retain the services of CDP next year and I would dearly love it if our...
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    Corner turned?

    Glad you enjoyed it. As I said, I am not trying to tell you we have turned the a corner. I think we agree that it’s impossible to know what the rest of the season holds. But I think it’s entirely appropriate to go all nutty over this one game result as it pertains JUST to this game and not be...
  10. jojatk

    Corner turned?

    While I’m not suggesting we have turned a corner… geez did you at least enjoy the win because it’s hard to tell.
  11. jojatk

    Help with above the line chart

    You're welcome. As for Clayton, he has played this year both at DE and special teams. I don't know if he's had a lot of impact that would be noticeable.
  12. jojatk

    Help with above the line chart

    I wonder if they are making some updates to it. However, by going to the AJC page using an Chrome Incognito Browser I was able to see the whole article and it said that Biggers and Marquez Ezzard were added to the ATL and Antonneous Clayton was taken off at DE (mods if it is against the rules...
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    Which coach on GT staff (outside of CGC) should feel most pressure to improve?

    EDIT: I just realized I was responding to a post from September 7. DOH!!! My bad… If there was anyone on the staff that had less to work with than Wiesehan I can’t imagine who else it might have been. I’m not talking about not having good football players. We didn’t have any. I agree that...
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Thanks for sharing the link, @slugboy . Pro tip for "newspaper" websites that are paywalled: sometimes posts can be accessed by opening them in a Chrome Incognito Browser window, a Safari or Firefox Private Browser window, or an MS Edge InPrivate browser window. It doesn't always work but this...
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    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    If Dre Bly wasn’t his uncle then he may very well have come here. Oh well.
  16. jojatk

    PFF Season Grades to date

    The same Ace Eley who is tied for first in the ACC for total tackles 🤷‍♂️
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    Credit for the Win today

    I wish you were right about that. But I fear you are not. People are always looking for reasons to complain and vent and be offended about things. If we win they’ll doubtless find something else to be upset, offended, or angry about with respect to our program. As far back as I can remember...
  18. jojatk

    Give Some Love to Jordan Yates!!!!

    Doesn't sound silly at all. I'm not sure I've seen enough of either to agree or disagree but the distinction makes sense. I largely attribute much of Sims's penchant to run last year to the poor protection he got. And we really haven't seen much of him this season so that's why I just don't...