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  1. Collins point spread against FCS as a Head Coach

    After Saturday's game against KSU, CGC now has a +26 point scoring spread against FCS as a head coach. Before Saturday, he had a -2 point spread against FCS.
  2. Rewatched the 1st quarter of the NIU game last night and...

    I was actually encouraged. I know that's weird to say, but I feel a bit better about where we stand as a program after rewatching. We really lost this game in the 1st quarter, or at least it was the biggest factor in my opinion. More specifically (and I hate to call out one player) Sims's...
  3. Taking Kids to BDS

    Looking for any tips or information on bringing my 2 year old to BDS this year. We didn't go to any games last year, and we brought him to 1 game in 2019 when he was 6 weeks old (a win!). From what I understand, he doesn't need his own ticket, but would ticket takers keep us from bring food in...
  4. Gold Koolaid

    Alright, we have less than a month until the first game, so lets get some Gold Koolaid flowing! What are some reasons to be excited about Tech football as we start the season?
  5. Hand Sign?

    Any thoughts on hand signs for GT? Hand signs as in making a "U" with your hands (miami), pistols (Texas Tech (I think)), trident thing (ASU), etc.
  6. Starting Field Position

    I think this is one of the areas we can see the "cheapest" improvement in game outcomes this year. With very little time devoted to it, I think we can improve our starting field position by at least 10 yards on average, maybe more.
  7. A Trend I Noticed

    I just realized that our 3 wins from this past season all came after one or more off weeks: F$U (first game of the season), Louisville (Normal bye week), Duke (3 weeks of no games plus a bye week). Does this have more to do with the quality of those teams? Or with the preparation led by our coaches?
  8. Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    The 2019 season had a monumental asterisk attached to it with the completely new coaching staff, not to mention the unbelievable transition on offense. The 2020 season had another asterisk for being played during a pandemic with a shortened spring practice, nearly 0 official summer workouts, an...
  9. Position Changes for 2020

    Haven't seen this thread yet, but according to the AJC, Jerry Howard and Bruce Jordan-Swilling will be switching positions (Howard to LB and Swilling to RB) for 2020. Seems like an odd decision for both considering they each have only one year left.
  10. 404 Branding

    I had a random thought the other day about getting the 404 thing going more city-wide. I wonder if Atlanta United or the Falcons or the Hawks would ever do a crossover apparel thing like the Braves do with their dual logo hats. It would be really cool for all the Atlanta sports to embrace the...
  11. Improved Uniforms = Improved Production?

    There have been numerous statements by some of the players (Parker Braun, for example) about how much easier it is to move in the new adidas uniforms. How much do you think these improvements are worth as far as yardage or wins?
  12. 3 Injuries that Impacted this Season

    I hadn't seen anyone point this out before, so here goes. It's well known that while Taquon wasn't originally recruited as a QB, he played to the best of his ability and was able to make a some plays when we needed them. However, I think people are quick to forget that we had at least 3 QB...