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  1. How to watch today??

    I have YouTube TV so I’m likely SOL… But a tip for anyone “blacked out”. Get a VPN blocker and change IP location to somewhere else in the country. That’s worked well for me in the past.
  2. #PittvsGT Postgame

    I thought prior to the UNC game, tech better be 3-3 going into the bye week to be considered improving. There’s still a shot at that as long as officiating is fair.
  3. Pitt is favored

    I rest my case. 2nd GT TD called back by terrible officiating. All these clowns need to be tarred and feathered.
  4. Pitt is favored

    We are live in CL 2. After 20 years of Tech games, I can honestly say this is the worst officiating of my life. Pittsburg is holding almost every play. There’s no way Tech can win 11 on 16.
  5. Pitt is favored

    I try not to harp too much on the numbers. I had us around + 3 or +3.5 territory PRIOR to the UNC game. Typically books and people tend to overadjust based on the prior weeks’ game. But no adjustment whatsoever is interesting. 3-2 odds on a coin flip is a pretty good proposition :)
  6. Corner turned?

    Regarding turning the corner, I think the timeline is measured on the order of a couple seasons rather than a couple games. But obviously it’s great to celebrate wins like this and get excited about the program! I was on the field before kickoff and there were a ton of high school prospects...
  7. Hire Geoff Collins

    Since I posted in the other thread, I figure one here will balance it out. After the Clemson game, I do have some optimism again that I haven't had since the first quarter of the NIU game staring at a 20-0 scoreboard. I don't think beating UNC is a must-have as measure of turning around the...
  8. Early line: Clemson by 29

    Anything can happen. Just ask 41 point favorite USC over Stanford back in '07 or closer to home roughly 4 TD favorite Georgia Tech over MTSU in '12 or Citadel in '19... With that said, I'm pleasantly surprised to see the support for GT moving it down to 28. Especially given Dabo's propensity to...
  9. 2021 ACC and Competition News

    Posting here due to the shoutouts to free shoes u at some point leading the Irish. They’re now 0-2 after losing to Jacksonville State, lol
  10. Is there a flyover tomorrow?

    No flyover but it was a great game today. Here’s us with Todd from today’s game
  11. Is there a flyover tomorrow?

    Thanks for the input. I wasn't sure since it's heroes day tomorrow. I was at the Wake game back in '09 and that was quite a display!
  12. Is there a flyover tomorrow?

    Just curious if anyone knows if there will be one tomorrow?
  13. Fire Geoff Collins

    Hi guys, I am new here. I’ve been away from Atlanta for the past 15 years but moved back earlier this year. Yesterday’s abomination was our first game with season tickets but enough of my pity party. Regarding the subject of this thread, I don’t think Tech fires him yet, although dropping to...