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  1. Lugginbill

    Lugenbill probably caught a lot of flack from the students/frat members back in the day for completely sh***ing the bed on National Television repeatedly. Now he gets to do it as a career choice.
  2. Mouth agape at ESPN CFB Daily (ACC vs SEC)

    Lugenbill is a total sellout...doesn't even pretend to have any allegiance to Tech or the ACC like any other announcer would or at least admits to. That guy f-ing sucks. Complete SEC bootlicker.
  3. Marcus Marshall

    When he's running down the field, you could set an open can of beer on top of MM's helmet and it wouldn't spill. People used to say that about Eric Dickerson.
  4. Updated Roster

    How about this K Whitehead highlight? Dude is very disruptive and covers ground like a boss.
  5. top 10 coaches i dislike

    Frank Beamer. Because his sole purpose in life is to b*tch and moan (every year) to the ACC until he gets a bye week before he plays Georgia Tech. He also gets a chop block call against us EVERY year. He knows we're good. He doesn't like us. F that guy.
  6. Red Shirt vs Playing as True Freshman

    2 of the 4 CFP teams had true freshmen starting running backs last year. Oregon and FSU.
  7. First play of the Alcorn State game is........

    Pass to Qua Searcy up the seam for 44 yards. Nesbitt missed Roddy Jones on the same play in CPJ's debut vs Jacksonville State in 2008. Roddy was wide-*** open.
  8. how will the acc do against the sec?

    Who is playing quarterback for South Carolina this year? An athletic kid or a pocket QB? I kind of think UNC finally wins an opener against a decent opponent. Marquise Williams is a really good QB, imo. Only a 3 point underdog to USCe. And they're playing in Charlotte...home of the ACCCG...
  9. Marcus Marshall

    I think MM has more of a tree trunk quality than most are giving him credit for. What is he, 5-9, 205? Stout fella, imo.
  10. Who is your most pleasant surprise among the incoming freshmen so far?

    LOL @gt365! Do you seriously believe Paul Johnson is the kind of head coach to pull a stunt like this? In all honesty, CPJ would be the very last person in the country I'd suspect of doing so. Well, at least now I think it's safe to say this offseason can go to hell. Ready for some football.
  11. Brad Stewart is an athlete

    "I think this class has more 1-8 guys than the 2007 class." Feeling stupid here...what does "more 1-8 guys" mean?
  12. What's your prediction for the season?

    Can we really win a National Championship with this crop of receivers? Pretty obvious they are probably our weakest position group on offense. Micheal Summers is our #1 WR? What has he done in the last 2 seasons to make you think he's gonna light it up this year? The receivers are the only...
  13. Scrimmage #2

    “Shamire Devine did much better,” Johnson said. “He got some really nice blocks the first two or three drives . . . some nice drives.” Music to my ears!
  14. Brad Stewart is an athlete Uh-Oh. Get your Brad Stewart action shots here! Disclosure: I went to high school at Benedictine Military School.
  15. Duke Week - Twitter Notes

    Please Please Please GOD let us run a few reverses with Smelter.
  16. Info from first week of practice

    Perkins. Give me the Perkins who showed up for the Miami game 10 times out of 10 over anyone else. Looked like a burner that day. Not worried too much about A-back.
  17. Comparing Recruiting Classes

    I like this method of analysis much better. Why? Because it relies on actual facts and not some dipsh*t's opinion. Nice work compadre.