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  1. Demaryius Thomas Retiring from NFL

    That FSU thunderstorm game. Peak Thomas
  2. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    Tech thrives off being the underdog. There is not a single national "expert" who is picking us. It's crazy. We are the ACC champs with an 8 game, ACC win streak running. I saw us without Moses at Duke. It'll look different, but we will be ok, I think. At the end of the day, Loyola has...
  3. AJC Article - With assistants’ help, Moses Wright made himself into ACC’s top player

    “I think along the way he also learned he likes being good,” Reveno said. “It’s really fun to dunk on someone’s head.” Best line in the article. 😂
  4. Georgia Tech at Duke, Jan 26, 9pm, ESPN

    Coach k is a rat. Same ref rising bull crap as long as I’ve watched Tech. Refs give them call after call because of it. college refs are a joke
  5. Collins report card after 2 seasons

    I feel like this is the Braves of 2015-2016. You saw things happening that you liked, but you knew it was a way away form actually happening. There is a lot I really like about what's going on right now. My wife cried both when David Curry left the field and came back out. That's a team...
  6. Pat McAfee Show Georgia Tech

    Ya'll, I know Pat McAfee is kind of a goofball, but he knows football. Inside and out and what players are feeling/thinking. This is awesome!
  7. Offseason Workouts - Club 1010

    Crap, it's happened again. Watched Lewis Caralla video again and got so hyped I accidently did the Kool-Aid man through another wall .
  8. Lucas Johnson Entering Transfer Portal

    Best wishes! Hopefully he lands in a place where he can fit and succeed!
  9. Waffle House iPhone case

    $40 for an iPhone case?!?
  10. The Culture is Real

    If there is one thing that this thread teaches me, it’s that old people are awful with change. The same people complaining about the new “have fun” culture are the same ones who would’ve been complaining when Bear Bryant allowed a black man to play on his team. Different generation, same...
  11. Positive Note: Cape Day?

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but dadgum I loved this uni’s. Maybe one of my all time favorite at Tech
  12. Roster Heights/Weights Updated on

    Pressley Harvin gains 5 pounds. Classic American story; the thiccc Get thiccccccer
  13. Brandon Adams Passes Away

    Dang, that is such a random thing to happen. I feel bad for those kids around him