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    Pretty sure they were. The home team gets its conference officials. It used to be the opposite way back when, but home team = conference officials. And, that was the case in 2014 as well. Don't worry, Ugag's radio crew made the same mistake you did in finding excuses for why they lost and...
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    Enough is enough...

    So, these back-to-back Proverbs seem to contradict one another: Prov 26 4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. 5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes. But, that's the point - Wisdom is knowing when to apply each of them...
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    Attrition and Scholarship Limits

    I'm with you and several others in being against "processing" the way you've defined it above. However, I wouldn't call it processing if a kid has gotten his degree from GT. Once the kid has gotten his undergrad degree, GT has fulfilled its obligation, IMO. At that point, it's up to the...
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    CPJ interview - Nov 11

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    CPJ interview - Nov 11

    It's over your head.
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    CPJ interview - Nov 11

    That poor defensive coordinator at MSU ... what could he have done against us with the mess Geoff left him. See how that works? Was Paul recruiting for Geoff's offense or his own?
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    CPJ interview - Nov 11

    I agree, it's reallllllly stupid ... which is what I was hoping you would realize about yourself for arguing something like this:
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    CPJ interview - Nov 11

    Do you blame Geoff Collins for the way the GT offense took MSU defense to the woodshed of embarrassment in 2014? Why not?
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    Watching football is fun.

    How are you enjoying your UVA Cavaliers' this year? I'd truly like to hear your thoughts on that and Bronco and the state of the program, maybe as connected to your thoughts on the state of the GT program. I'm patient. You can have up to 15 minutes to put this together.
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    CPJ interview - Nov 11

    He said 15-20 RB plays per game with 7-10 guaranteed to a 1000 yard back ... I took that to mean that overall the RB's would get 15-20 carries per game and that Kirvonte was told he would only be getting about 7-10 of those.
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    Kind of Off Topic - Why do all college bands play the exact same songs?

    Are they going to fire the whole band?
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    Kind of Off Topic - Why do all college bands play the exact same songs?

    I think the band songs are pretty unique. There are some that are fads that all the schools play for a while (the espn theme for a while, etc), but GT plays unique stuff ... I can't think of any other bands that play the budweiser song, "Put On", or any other fight songs that are like our two...
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    Assistant Coaching changes in the off season ?

    This hits the nail on the head.
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    Wesley Wells

    I'm going to defend the coaches on this. Wells was great last year. David Duvall was the #1 golfer in the game in 1999-2000. After the first win of 2001, he never won another tournament. He completely lost his game. I really don't think the coaches benched a great kicker, causing his game...
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    not about Minnesota

    He didn't create the thread, a moderator took his post and others that were related to it from the Gopher thread. His response made sense in its context. Here, it has no context.
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    not about Minnesota

    @Boaty1 , I appreciate your well thought out and mostly accurate assessment here. Good job. I have one big issue with your description of the CPJ perspective. I do not believe we need a "gimmick" to succeed, I believe we need a superior system/scheme, which is what I believe about the option...
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    GT +8.5 @ NC State

    Who's the guy helping you? How do we find it on Youtube?
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    Young Temporarily Removed From Roster

    Difficulty also depends greatly on your major ... honestly, that's probably the biggest factor ... the difference between spending 5 hours a week and 5 hours a day outside of class.
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    Willie Fritz and the spread option

    So you're saying Paul's 2014 team had more talent than Clemson, Ugag, FSU, and MSU (not to mention VT, Miami, UNC, UVA, etc)? What about that argument you were making earlier about Paul not being able to recruit and/or produce NFL talent with his system? Contradiction? The reason it's often...
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    Willie Fritz and the spread option

    Exactly!! I rest my case. Or, if you want to ignore the strictly logical fallacy you're committing here, let's base it on evidence. Let's compare my example of the GT option scheme "producing" NFL talent to your example of GT's option scheme holding back NFL talent ... oh, that's right, you...