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  1. GT Ranked 48th in Preseason SP+ Projections

    I saw an article a couple of days ago; I’m obviously unable to verify it. It said Texas has It’s own power grid, but the amount of production is still controlled by the feds. The Texas grid usually runs at about 60% of capacity. Prior to the storm Texas officials petitioned the feds to let...
  2. Ok question to kill time

    2 great running backs in the same backfield? Some of the older folks might remember that David Sims and ELI were on the same GT team for a couple of years. Both would certainly qualify as great running backs. Both went to the NFL. Both were really good NFL backs. Unfortunately both careers...
  3. Quarterback for next year

    Yates- a cold blooded winner (at least in high school)
  4. Help needed watching replay...

    I couldn't find it on ESPN either. Googled "Georgia Tech spring game 2019 replay". it gave me a espnwatch link that took me to the replay.
  5. (RUMOR) Bruce Jordan-Swilling hinting at playing RB.

    Hollings was a stud at RB; think he was leading the nation in yardage when he got injured. Always wished we could have seen him finish his GT career running the ball for Tech.