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  1. ramblinvak

    Clemson Ticket Exchange

    I understand it is a Thursday evening game, and it is not easy for everyone to make it down, so I figured we could make tickets thread to keep the tickets within the GTSwarm community. I will start it off. I am actually looking for two tickets, preferably lower level along the 40 or 30 yard...
  2. ramblinvak

    Charles Kelly potential new DC at Auburn

    Looking back, I wish we could have figured out a way to keep him on staff. I really like the direction he took our D as interim coordinator and he was one of our best recruiters. He is credited for brining in JT and DJ White according to rivals and has done a pretty good job recruiting for FSU...
  3. ramblinvak

    "Talent Gap" and 1-8

    A lot of you guys have been following GT a lot longer than I have been. I became a fan in 2009 during my freshmen year on campus, but one thing that I noticed was the apparent talent gap since the 2010 game, especially in 2011 and 2012. In my short time as a fan, it was quite possibly the first...
  4. ramblinvak

    D.Geller and Son: Kickoff return for TD Promotion

    So I was listening to the radio today, and D Geller and Son has a promotion going on saying that if a Tech or ugag player runs a kick-off back for a touchdown, any purchase made this weekend will be free. This got me thinking that Jamal Golden hasn't played in close to a year and is probably...
  5. ramblinvak

    Saturday Scrimmage Open to Season Ticket Holders

    Saturday's Scrimmage The Jackets will scrimmage Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium, an event that `s open exclusively to season-ticket holders and players' families. The gates open at 9 a.m. with the scrimmage set to begin approximately 9:30 a.m. Fans can purchase season tickets as low as $99. For...
  6. ramblinvak

    T from Tech Tower Stolen!

    Probably one of the craziest Tech traditions, and one that hasn't happened in 13 years just occurred today. The T from Tech Tower has been stolen! tower
  7. ramblinvak

    Orwin Smith signs with Packers

    Saw this on TOS and thought I would share here. I think the main problem during draft time was that he was not a 100%. I think at a 100% Big O could make an impact in this league. Hoping the best for him! He definitely deserves it...
  8. ramblinvak

    Predict 2013 Season Record

    Since the season is around the corner, I was wondering what the rest of you guys think our record will be and who you think we beat and lose. Here are my predictions: Elon - W; FCS blowout @Duke - W; I think this will be one of the closer games we play this season UNC - W; another close game...