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    CPJ Radio Show

    I could be wrong, but I think he said fastest since Dwyer. Either way, that is some high praise..
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    GT signing with....

    thats not true, when you look around the globe, Adidas is right up there with Nike. They have some of the best basketball players and quite possibly the worlds best soccer player in Messi. At their prime, Russell had nothing like that. Adidas brings a lot of "street cred" to GT. There is a lot...
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    Nate Burleson on Meeting Calvin Johnson

    wow you must be a big hit at parties..
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    Film Room The Summer Push VT Play 17

    Love how MJ makes his body small and lowers his center of gravity to get those tough yards. Not always easy to do as a tall"-ish" guy, especially when you only need 1 yard.
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    2017 Pump Up

    awesome.. Future with dem feels!
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    Crossing the Jordan ??

    When does summer camp start?
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    Film Room The Summer Push: Spring Game Play 2

    Still got 3.5 yards before getting touched and another 2 yards before going down. Its not always perfect but Ill take those yards..
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    2009 Play... I have not seen since...

    Gosh thats a lot of space to get a player like Mills going... LB meet Holy Momentum
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    2017 GT UDFAs

    Hope Falcons pick up JT5
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    2017 Spring Practice

    bad news guys
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    2017 Spring Practice

    If Kirvonte ends up being better than Mills or even close to that level, that would be sweet news to me as a fan.. We already know what we have in Mills and if Kirvonte is near that same level, dear God beware! You can expect us to pound the ball 40+ times a game, gain yardage and eat clock...
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    2017 Offseason Thread

    With Vad Lee and MM, GT is probably single handedly keeping JMU semi-relevant this decade.. LOL
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    Justin Thomas invited to Senior Bowl

    Anyone see know if he got a chance to play today?
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    Justin Thomas invited to Senior Bowl

    Falcons have been placing a huge emphasis on "speed" I would love to see them pick him up and find a place for him!
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    Lunch Bunch Todd Stansbury

    This is incredible. I know TS is an alum but he truly does understand the culture here and what it will take to succeed. Honestly I feel the AA could use the same tactics as the Hawks did. Winning helped the Hawks but also rebranding the fan experience and becoming more "hip" has helped them...
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    Russell Contract?

    actually not true. Adidas may be one of the most popular "street wear sports brand" right now. Like other have mentioned, partnering with kanye and releasing the YZY line has been huge for them. Their boost shoes are also on another level, which are continuously being sold out when released...
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    Life after Paul Johnson.... hypothetical question

    Based on Todd's early comments, it seems like he is a big fan of the brand of football we are playing. If CPJ hangs it up in the next few seasons and GT shows the level of success we have had the last few seasons, I think TS would keep the TO humming on the flats
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    Russell Contract?

    Looking long-term, I hope GT goes with Nike for the next contract. Nike has been the only sports brand that has consistently been the "cool brand" which sadly impacts recruiting way more than we would like to think it does. If you look back at when GT originally signed with Russell (i think late...
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    The waaay tooooo early 'What is our first play gonna be???' thread...

    For JT's last game I would love to see him lined up at a-back for one play and take a pitch to the boundary and split two defenders for a TD run... I guess we can all dream