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  1. ThatGuy

    'Rique's Targeting Call

    I have a lot of dislike for the targeting rule - especially how gray the conditions were at first (luckily, they've fixed a bit of that - but it still has its non-black-and-white aspects). At the same time, I understand why it's there - and this instance seemed pretty clear-cut to me, as much as...
  2. ThatGuy

    Hire Geoff Collins

    I remember watching the Tennessee game a few years back - where we lost to Butch-freaking-Jones - and feeling relieved, even after the loss, because it was obvious after the game that we had found our QB, and were in a position where we could win if we would execute. I didn't know that before...
  3. ThatGuy

    Boycott Sweetwater

    I used to prefer Red Brick to Sweetwater - and now that I'm in Colorado, I've realized just how much I dislike Sweetwater in comparison to a large number of better beers, anyway. There are much tastier beers in Georgia; I'm hopeful Todd and Co. will consider supporting a GT-owned business...
  4. ThatGuy

    CGC/Dabo Post Game Pressers

    I have the opposite opinion. Last year they tried everything they could to not run the score up against us - including throwing the freaking punter in the game to give us a fighting chance to stop them. We were just that bad.
  5. ThatGuy

    Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Predictions

    Prediction? (And don't call me Shirley.)
  6. ThatGuy

    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    Yeah, I was going to chime in here. This is actually the color Tech was using a lot in the early to mid 1980s (along with the old-school Buzz). I had a number of shirts and a hat with that T logo in that color. While it's not my favorite for today, I do love the look for the sake of nostalgia...
  7. ThatGuy

    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    Gotta say - for all the stumbles Adidas has had along the way, I'm still impressed at them getting the gold (at least close to) right more often than not.
  8. ThatGuy

    Demetris Robertson

    Yep. After the injury, seemed like he never quite got back up to speed at uGA - and their WR room is so deep right now that even if he's good, he's not likely to get as many looks as he could at another school. My guess is he heads someplace where ideally he can be the #1 receiver for a year in...
  9. ThatGuy

    Demetris Robertson

    Related: Start the recruiting thread up again, boys! We can get at LEAST another 700 posts off of this one!
  10. ThatGuy

    Blast from the Past

    My parents are cleaning out their old house in preparation for a move. When my mom came out to Denver (where I now live) for my son’s 5th birthday this week, she brought me one of the things she found in the basement... Went to every NCAA tournament game that year (in addition to the...
  11. ThatGuy

    Life Advice for a soon to be 30 yr old

    Wow, OP. that's definitely a heady place to find yourself. Lots going on, and lots to unpack. Kudos for thinking about it, and for bringing it up. As Steven Wright famously said, "Sometimes it's best to tell your problems to a stranger on a bus." Lots of great advice above. Some thoughts from...
  12. ThatGuy

    2021 Uniform Debate

    I almost agree here...but am I the only one who doesn't like the color burn uniforms? GWW or GBB or WGG just don't do it for me. Give me GWG, WGW, GGW, and the occasional GBW (throwback to my memory of watching GT beat up on Nebraska from the 50 yard line) any day. The rest just aren't my...
  13. ThatGuy

    Transfer Kicker - Brent Cimaglia

    This is the thing many fans have overlooked. Initially, there were a couple of kicks with a low angle, yes - but the consistent issue with the kicking game last year was blocking. The line wouldn’t have done an experienced kicker any good - much less someone new to the role. I’m excited to...
  14. ThatGuy

    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    This is awesome. However, speaking of vintage... I just want someone to re-produce the “Georgia Tech of the North” shirt. Mine wore out in the early 90’s, and I need another one.
  15. ThatGuy

    Dedrick Mills Reflects

    My wife is a Husker, so I've been following Mills more closely than I would have otherwise. Was always a favorite of mine at GT. Understand why he had to go, but it doesn't make it easier. I'm all for holding our athletes to high standards, but some may be just too high (or at least should have...
  16. ThatGuy

    Pressley Harvin III Wins Ray Guy Award

    I've been a huge fan ever since this guy was a recruit. So thrilled to see it come to fruition. My wife reminded me of I think it was the Louisville game this year, where IIRC the color commentator was talking about something else (and missed the traditional "That GT punter's a big guy"...
  17. ThatGuy

    2023 Chick-fil-A Kickoff vs. Louisville

    (Sulks in Belk Bowl...)
  18. ThatGuy

    How many Tech games have you attended

    Had season tickets growing up, right on the 50 yard line of the upper West stands. From ‘82 to ‘92, probably went to on average 5 home games per year...with the occasional national championship game or All-American Bowl thrown in for good measure. 😀 So I guess somewhere around 55 for me...
  19. ThatGuy

    The Handshake

    ...and on College Gameday this AM.
  20. ThatGuy

    Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    This. So much this. We talk about 'poise in the pocket' - this kid has poise on the field. The mistakes he made were freshman mistakes. They're going to happen. As Geoff Collins told one of the announcers, best to let him get it out of his system in this weird year so he's got 4 more years to...