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  1. GTJason

    Basketball Promo videos

    Weird timing on these, is this just what they used this season? I'm ready for a game now...
  2. GTJason

    NIT championship, Who's going?

    I live in Maryland and couldn't get friends/family to come with, but I can't miss the game so I'm going alone. Megabus from Baltimore arrives in NYC at 5:30 Seat is Section 11, row 5, seat 14. I'll be the guy drinking, come say hi
  3. GTJason

    GT @ ND uniform speculation thread

    First off, if you don't like Uni threads, I get it. Everyone knows you're annoyed Looks like UA has this game circled, they even made a shirt: I like UA products, too bad they put a stupid ND helmet on there...
  4. GTJason

    ND tickets go on sale TONIGHT 7/23

    6:00 PM Price is $85 no matter where you sit I assume they will sell out quick, every ND alum I know has this game circled
  5. GTJason

    Thank you John Oliver #soybeanwind

    I can't wait to see the signs in the crowd when we play Clemson this year. Dabo Swinney: as pleasant as an edamame fart **This thread is not posted to debate paying players, but any jabs at Clemson are appreciated and encouraged**
  6. GTJason

    Early New Year's Six predictions

    Insider Article from ESPN. Disses the ACC, but respects GT: The only part worth mentioning: Peach Bowl: Georgia Tech-Boise State Yes, I have only one ACC representative...
  7. GTJason

    Whose hat show is this?

    Clicking on the story has no indication so it's likely a stock image. I just thought it was cool. I remember seeing that hat, but can't remember who it was. Not Autry I just checked.
  8. GTJason

    Waller Preps for the Combine Here's a stat for recruits: 100% of our starting WRs were invited to the combine this year*, but sure go to (insert SEC school here) if that's what you want. I'm sure you'll get a lot more coverage...
  9. GTJason

    Glad Barry Switzer Enjoyed the Show

    Interesting in Ivan Maisel's 3 point stance this week: 3. Hall of Fame head coach Barry Switzer, a Wishbone guy when he won three national championships at Oklahoma in the 1970-80s, loved seeing Georgia Tech take apart Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl. "They came within two points of...
  10. GTJason

    Respect ESPN Style

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, there are new threads by the minute and I can't keep up (or get enough :)) I'm usually not a fan of the analysts here, but they actually give a great preview of our game and if they aren't genuinely excited about the matchup they sure fooled me
  11. GTJason

    FSU's all time leading receiver

    Just left the game and I'd be surprised if it's not a broken arm. That arm looked to be flopping around as he went into the locker room. We can totally beat these guys
  12. GTJason

    Well... this headline is real

    Real high quality journalism from the AJC Not sure I'll be more surprised if they change the headline or if they don't. Either way you can find it here:
  13. GTJason

    Rooting against the SEC today

    Because I will never root for UGA, but logic tells me they need to win today. Here's the way I see it: They win today and Mizzou loses, they are in the championship game. Not only that they will be in the top 10 because the the SEC championship will have 2 top 10 teams in it, just ask ESPN. We...
  14. GTJason

    ESPN Positive Article on GT

    I think AA's computer exploded after writing this and it will be taken down within an hour or so, but enjoy
  15. GTJason

    UGA hate week, UT edition

    I know there are a few guys on this board who are Tennessee fans, I grew up loving the Vols and living in GA. Even if you aren't a UT fan, there's no GT football this weekend so what better team to support? You can hate their recruiting in February. Never to waste an opportunity to hate on the...
  16. GTJason

    Jerry just blocked a punt.

    Attaochu looks massive. Great rush on special teams
  17. GTJason

    Can't imagine asking CPJ this...

    Describe your team in one word. After Responding: His response for the article was: Young Pretty much the biggest waste time for a coach, but I can imagine the special look of pissed-offedness the reported got from our coach lol Here are all of the responses if you care...
  18. GTJason

    Spring QB competition coverage

    From 11 Alive
  19. GTJason

    Gotsis Interview The interviewer clearly assumes Gotsis only played Aussie Rules Football and not Gridiron but Adam was nice enough to humor him. Also as a side note, I don't live in Atlanta anymore, but it looks...