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  1. bat_082994

    Anyone know where I can see a replay of the GT/Tulane game?

    I didn't get the chance to watch it this weekend. I checked ESPN 3 and youtube, but didn't find anything
  2. bat_082994

    I was on the radio today talking Georgia Tech football

    For those of y'all that don't know, I write for and recently got the chance to be on a radio show to talk about Georgia Tech football with Eatdrnkslpsprtz. If you're interested, you can listen to that here...
  3. bat_082994

    Article from the Falcoholic on Attaochu
  4. bat_082994

    Ken Suguira's Spring Two-Deep prediction A couple things that stuck out: 1. OT - Chamberlain at LT and Roberts at RT 2. BB - Custis not even included 3. WR - Summers over Darren Waller
  5. bat_082994

    Good interview catching up with Kyle Wren
  6. bat_082994

    Nice article about Bebe
  7. bat_082994

    Music City Bowl preview from my blog Here's my preview of this afternoon's game. Hope y'all enjoy it and THWG (and the fighting Admiral Ackbars)
  8. bat_082994

    Jon Gruden?

    Jon Gruden said in an interview with the Ocala Star Banner, that I saw on Bleacher Report (take all that with a grain of salt), that he would like to coach again. Now, if CPJ does indeed get fired (I'm not saying he will), how would y'all feel about Jon Gruden? Would he even consider it?
  9. bat_082994

    Run and Shoot?

    Hey I found this thread from another forum talking about CPJ's old days as an offensive coordinator back at Hawaii talking about how they used to run more of a Run and Shoot offense and then using that to open up the running game. Take a look at it and tell me what you think. Is it something CPJ...
  10. bat_082994

    Week 3 Picks (via ESPN College Pick'em + the GT/Duke game)

    Louisville over Kentucky - No brainer right here Ole Miss over Texas - Texas doesn't have a defense and Ole Miss is underrated IMO Penn State over UCF - I'm a huge Bill O'Brien fan, so yeah USCe over Vandy (as much as I want to pick Vandy for this game) - Jadaveon Clowney will actually show up...
  11. bat_082994

    Rosters for NCAA Football 14

    For everyone that downloaded the early release of the game is my GT roster. The two players highlighted I was very unsure about so those are my best guess. For players that have position changes, you will most likely want to go in and play around with ratings. Hope you enjoy it and if you have...
  12. bat_082994

    NCAA Football 2014 Roster

    When NCAA Football comes out every year I typically go through various websites looking for correct names for the GT roster, because I don't like/trust the online ones. Would y'all be interested in me sharing the roster when I get done with it? Also if y'all want me to do another roster, just...