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  1. Jn4heisman

    Jemea Thomas elected to...

    Can he go to the senior bowl too?
  2. Jn4heisman

    Jemea Thomas

    This kid is going to be a beast on the next level too! I hope the Falcons can get him and he can teach DeCoud how to tackle!!
  3. Jn4heisman

    Serious question about Lou

    Reminds me of Pat Clark. B/C they are always getting burned.
  4. Jn4heisman

    GT @ UVA game thread

    Lou has the softest coverage. I say put him on the bench!!
  5. Jn4heisman

    GT @ UVA game thread

    Jemea Thomas has so many tackles!! He is our best player and I am looking forward to seeing him on the next level!!
  6. Jn4heisman

    Brandon Gaudin Interviews w/ D.J. White and Michael Summers

    They both sound like great young men!! And if you haven't noticed they are starting to become great players!!
  7. Jn4heisman

    Syracuse @ Georgia Tech game thread

    We need to start throwing to impress the 5 star WR!!
  8. Jn4heisman

    Expectations for the 2014 team?

    Eric, who do compare Jorgenson's game too?
  9. Jn4heisman

    Rank the top 5 players on the team

    1) Attaochu 2) Thomas 3) Hunt-Days 4) Godhigh 5) Smelter/O-Line
  10. Jn4heisman

    Lane Kiffin

    Does anyone else want him as our coach? I know that he has not won but he does get great recruits. It would be the first time we get constant 4 and 5 stars. Personally, I would take him, it would be a change of pace and I think he would do good things in the south.
  11. Jn4heisman

    GT-UNC Post-Game Thread

    I thought Noble came in and did a great job for Milton and golden!
  12. Jn4heisman

    Diamond Formation

    Do u guys think it is good or bad that we released the diamond formation in the Duke game? I am curious because it helps us because that is more for them to prepare for, but we could have used it surprisingly and hit them off guard.
  13. Jn4heisman

    White Out vs. VT

    When I think white out, I think GT vs The U and are great performance on ESPN Thursday Night Primetime!
  14. Jn4heisman

    White Out vs. VT

    I was hoping a black out and then wear our black watch jerseys!
  15. Jn4heisman


    I loved the jerseys we wore against wake forest!
  16. Jn4heisman

    CFB Daily

    Do u know if it will re air?
  17. Jn4heisman

    Diamond Formation

    I loved the diamond formation today
  18. Jn4heisman

    Jemea Thomas

    Anyone know about his status for Saturday? Is he healthy?
  19. Jn4heisman

    Chaz Cheeks @39_CHEEKS

    Has anyone been reading his tweets? They are sounding very sad and angry. It seems like he is ready to transfer. I suggest you go read them and give him positive advice!
  20. Jn4heisman

    Waller and Henry suspended for week 1

    Anyone know why?