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  1. It is time for a coaching change

    we are 4-4. Looking at 4-7. Virginia scored 40 points on us. F-O-R-T-Y. I assume you are good with that.
  2. It is time for a coaching change

    Our guy is good for six or seven wins, only if we have a FCS and a Tulane on the schedule. Thank the Lord we skipped a beatdown from Central Florida. Not only do we lose to Virginia, but we have to show our *** by talking trash before the game. 40 points to Virginia. 40. let that sink in...
  3. New tax bill could undercut college athletic departments

    Isn't this like you give $30 to the Girl Scouts, it's deductible, but if you buy $30 worth of Girl Scout cookies, that's not deductible?
  4. New tax bill could undercut college athletic departments

    Does it affect donations to the A-T Fund, or just donations that are used to improve seating priority. Could you not purchase tickets, and make a separate donation that would be deductible?
  5. Go Navy!!

    Tough night against the greatness that is Temple.
  6. UVA next

    However, there are some great UVA memories. 1998. Down 17 in the fourth quarter. Came back to win.
  7. Tech vs Clemson, it's actually very easy to explain

    CPJ is 5-6 against Clemson, but 1-4 for the last five. Dabo took a while to get things in place, but now they are a juggernaut. The talent gap is tremendous, and has been growing in recent years. We aren't ever going to be Clemson, but take heart, Clemson is NEVER going to be Georgia Tech. We...
  8. UVA next

    I don't think they can effectively prepare for us and Alabama. If they spend time on the triple option it might cost them the Alabama game. Is there any perverse satisfaction for Tech fans if we lose to Georgia, but Georgia loses to Alabama on account of focusing all week on defending the...
  9. UVA next

    I don't like it, but the most likely scenario is we lose to Georgia and Virginia Tech, and then split with Duke and Virginia.
  10. Kirby Syndrome or Syracuse Envy?

    We are right where I thought we'd be. Heading for 5-6. If we are all good with that, so be it. If we are not allowed to criticize things, then we must accept what we are.
  11. Kirby Syndrome or Syracuse Envy?

    Kirby's wins are similar.
  12. Kirby Syndrome or Syracuse Envy?

    Our win against Georgia in 2008 was inexplicable. Preseason #1, so talented thru the first 40 players, and we hadn't won in 8 years.
  13. Kirby Syndrome or Syracuse Envy?

    Sean Bedford is not a good example of recruiting because he was not a four or five star coming out of high school. However, he is a great example of something we need to improve on. We aren't going to get a lot of highly rated recruits. But Sean Bedford improved as a player after he was on...
  14. Kirby Syndrome or Syracuse Envy?

    The snap count is for our benefit. CPJ has always said he is concerned about what our players are doing (timing, execution) than what the other team is doing. In most games, against most teams not named Miami, Virginia Tech, Clemson or Georgia, if we execute properly we can't be stopped.
  15. Kirby Syndrome or Syracuse Envy?

    If you would, please identify the point at which you felt we might win the game.
  16. Ok Brilliant Engineers....

    And now Randy Shannon is the head coach at Florida!
  17. Ok Brilliant Engineers....

    I chuckle at the notion that Dabo is the source of Clemson's success. It is $$$$$! Look at his staff since he has been there. They spend the money on staff and facilities. They are a staff that recruits very well. They get very good players and put them in position to play well.
  18. Ok Brilliant Engineers....

    Recruiting conflicts with tee times.
  19. Ok Brilliant Engineers....

    I guess I am one of those purists. Why is it required to jettison the uniqueness of Georgia Tech? We have been up and down for 100 years, but I don't think we were cheating to win four national championships. And I realize this isn't 1957 any more, but there are players out there that can...