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  1. GTJason

    Favorite Pastner-isms

    Favorite has to be: know what that means... We're going to the gas station!!! Because then we just got a road win
  2. GTJason

    So, should we withdraw the appeal on post season ban?

    We don't have to drop the appeal to self impose the post season ban part as a show of good faith. I'm of the mind it's NCAA tournament or bust and to do that we'd have to win the ACC tournament (which would be the most GT thing we could possibly do) but to what end? Devoe would leave if the...
  3. GTJason

    GT / Louisville

    Such a good win. This is what has frustrated me all season, we can play ball. Previous seasons it seemed like we could win a good number of games but didn't. This season it's more of the should win and we haven't been performing to our capability. Stay healthy and close out the season. Also the...
  4. GTJason

    Game Thread - UVA, 1/18/2020

    How did Parham forget how to shoot a 3 pointer? Dude made 10 in Rupp arena. It can't be that much different and yet his shots are ugly. Like his play otherwise but he was supposed to be the mercenary sniper we needed.
  5. GTJason

    Who ya’ got - Clemson v LSU

    LSU band is breaking NCAA rules on every Clemson play. They start playing with 20 seconds on the clock and play during Clemson's offensive plays. Every play should be a penalty against LSU P"subject to the rules, including bands, shall not create any noise that prohibits a team from hearing its...
  6. GTJason

    Game Thread - dook, 1/8/2020

    That Duke team has humbled teams better than us so stop complaining. It's not like they had an off night like UNC seemed to this past weekend either. I'm all on board complaining when we lose to ball state and I'm not one for moral victories, but not this game. Our coach and players did fine we...
  7. GTJason

    What is the uniform for COFH. Game .?

    I've thought authentic jerseys have looked cheap ever since heat sealing the numbers became a thing. The stitching let you know it was the real game jersey. Still have my Chan era gold team issue jersey which gets washed after every loss (so a lot) and it still looks like the day I got it
  8. GTJason

    Interesting thought for tomorrows game.

    I want to beat UGA, then for them to beat LSU and still not make the playoffs. LSU or better yet Bama needs to make the playoffs with UGA winning an empty SEC championship. Pretty sure they were the last SEC champion to not make the BCS championship game. This is just to make the College...
  9. GTJason


    I thought that too and his hand was certainly extended but he broke our guys' ankles unfortunately. Very little contact. On a similar note though both Georgia and Arkansas were flopping like a bunch of soccer players against us. I seem to remember it last year when early in the year we fouled...
  10. GTJason

    Game Thread - @ UGA, 11/20/2019

    Georgia is worse than a soccer team diving on "fouls" and Edwards traveled more times than I can count. We lost this game at the foul line though. The percentage is even worse considering the front end of 1 and 1's we missed. Devoe is legit though
  11. GTJason

    Game Thread - @ UGA, 11/20/2019

    When this happens for football, magically a 2nd sec network channel shows up right next to the regular one for me on YouTube tv. I'd wait until closer to the game and see if that happens.
  12. GTJason

    Game Thread - Elon, 11/11/2019

    Basically what I saw tonight is our backups are 20+ points better than Elon. Parham got time to run the point and get some chemistry going with the rest of the team. You can't gather anything else from our play. If that lineup is on the court versus ACC opponents it will be a problem
  13. GTJason

    Game Thread - Elon, 11/11/2019

    If it's on acc network extra and you're not allowed to access it, the game is usually broadcast locally somewhere. In the DC area NBC Sports Washington usually does that to me. Either way, no one with YouTube tv should be complaining about ever being locked out of anything. Use chrome as your...
  14. GTJason

    GT +8.5 @ NC State

    I think Moses looks like he's playing basketball on a trampoline. Great ups and he gets up quickly, but every once in a while he can't control the ball and his footwork goes all whacky. Willing to live with those mistakes if he plays like last night.
  15. GTJason

    GT +8.5 @ NC State

    Reveno earned his promotion. Banks is an amazing talent but he, Khalid, and Moses have unreal fundamentals. It was really fun to watch them when our back court was in a slump. Does anyone else think it's funny that every stadium plays the song Mo Bamba and that's the guy who Banks had to ride...
  16. GTJason

    Bruce Jordan-Swilling could be out for season

    The only reason working out too much could cause injuries is because it's causing someone to play tired causing improper biomechanics. These guys don't appear to be playing tired. The injuries this season are because sometimes stuff happens. Correlation to more video being released of workouts...
  17. GTJason

    NCAA Ruling - Postseason Ban, Among Other Bogus Things...

    There has to be an appeal for this. We've already been served penalties for the Ron Bell stuff and the strip club stuff was years ago and we fired the guy (to our detriment.) This directly impacts revenue streams, I think it's cause to sue the NCAA for unfair enforcement of it's own rules. It'll...
  18. GTJason

    USF Postgame #USFvsGT

    Can we lay this to rest? The RB didn't have possession of the ball when the ball reached a point that may have been touching the goal line. It was on it's way out, camera angle seemed alright to me.
  19. GTJason

    The GT Top 10

    Wow, no love for Shumpert? I always felt like he was a victim of just being at GT at the wrong time. Loved how he burned Roy from recruiting to the court. He was always the one who got away
  20. GTJason

    Coaching Carousel -- Just Pastner 2019

    I'm right there with you. The reality is we need Pastner to be the guy. If he isn't then we're stuck hiring some other guy for a stale job and even if we spend the money required we're still rebuilding and hoping for a 2023-2024 tournament run? All we can do is support him and if he needs to go...