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  1. Looking for Cloud SW Developers

    I am reaching out to various venues to see if I can find a good fit(s) for my company. A little about us - We make IP audio, IP communications and IP safety devices as well as on-site control servers. - Our markets are K-12, Healthcare, Warehouse & Manufacturing as well as general...
  2. Yet Another Covid Thread

    Interesting study for people who get covid. Apparently the brain damage side effect of getting Covid looks to be real and measurable. Get your Vaccine
  3. New (To Me) Restaurant

    Hanging out in Ball Ground this weekend and the German Butcher was closed so I was forced to try something else. There is a food truck that has 2-3 brick ovens. The pizza is great! So were the wings. They get creative and cook all kinds of things in the oven. I saw some great looking steaks...
  4. Anyone need a Spurtle

    This is great! They did all of the ACC schools The Spurtle Rankings It's one part power rankings, one part ACC Network-level infomercial. Aka it's the most #goacc column ever written. We open on a green screen. There's a can of Georgia Tech in the middle. The background...
  5. Ignore: Double post

  6. Coach comparison rehash

    This is the stuff I want to see! Own the problem and try to fix it. I was very unimpressed with his coaching ability last year. No excuse for that performance. He is at an inflection point. He has the ability to excite the players and fans as well as bring in the recruiting results. But if...
  7. What is "White"

    I have been thinking about this question for a while. I thought it could be an interesting topic here. I have had a few incidents over the last 6 months that got me thinking about this. I was in a park running a few months ago and I jogged up to a "black" couple in the path. As I passed...
  8. Now for something completely different

    Thought I would link a light hearted article to improve the mood a bit here. We may not agree on things politically, but we are all tech fans and most of us can probably enjoy the article and some of the comments.
  9. A Good Day Yesterday

    I was able to witness something that was pretty cool yesterday. I was on Tyndall Air Force base watching 13 pilots graduate from B-Course to become F-22 pilots. Got to get up close to an F-22, walk under it's wing and just look at all the details. It was amazing. There was an F-22 simulator...
  10. RPO

    Are there any plays in our offense where we could add a pass option?
  11. Clinton & Trump are criminals and should be in jail. /sarcasm

    If we could harness the hot gas that comes out of Trump, we could power a bigly portion of America.