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  1. Transfer Changes

    Interesting read on how the changes to the transfer policies are likely to affect programs long term.
  2. Don't challenge a former professional athlete

    Unless you likely want to have your a** handed to you. A high schooler challenged 43-yr old former NBA Player Brian Scalabine to a game (and bet his shoes on it). It did not end well. They ended up calling the game after Scalabine was up 11-0.
  3. Pastner earns some bonuses, but Adidas about to pay up some cash to GT Pastner has earned an additional $50K for winning the ACC Title and $25K for making the NCAA Tourney. A win Friday would earn an additional $50K. He gets another $25K...
  4. MCCamish seating for this season

    All available seats going to students and then SA, coaches and AD guests. I'm actually a little surprised they are getting 1200 in. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines recommended for indoor events...
  5. Univ System of GA putting GA schools (and GT) at disadvantage

    This article is a little older (saw a newer one by a school counselor in GA) but explains what is happening well. Very few higher education systems are requiring SAT/ACT...
  6. Radical Conference Realignment

    This article from Pat Forde will never happen, but it is a fun thought exercise to go through. He takes the current FBS and FCS structure and creates a new college football structure with 10 conferences, each with 12 teams. Every team plays a full conference schedule plus 1 non-conference team...
  7. Mark Price among greatest NBA Shooters

    Makes the Top 15 all-time NBA Shooter list from CBSSpotrs. 13. Mark Price A tremendous all-around point guard who was ahead of his time in terms of his...
  8. ACC Discussion 2020-21 Moses gets a mention
  9. Summer School will be remote

    University System of Georgia announced that Summer School will be conducted remotely. They hope to have students on campus in the fall if health conditions permit it.
  10. Coaching pay cuts

    This is the first one i've seen, i bet it won't be the last. Iowa St is implementing a 1 yr pay and bonus cut for coaches as 2 of 6 current measures they are instituting to try to deal with a current projected $5M shortfall due to COVID19...
  11. Expected COVID-19 Impacts to College Athletics

    This will likely be the firs but not the last school to do this. Iowa St is cutting pay and bonuses to coaches as 2 of 6 current measures to try to deal with an expected $5M shortfall dueto COVID19...
  12. Review of the season

    I'm not going to try to look forward as right now no one knows what things will look like in the fall, so I am only going to look back at the prior season. Two weeks ago I would probably have given the season at that point a C- grade, but looking back on the totality of the season I am going...
  13. Spring season sports to be granted eligibility relief Spring season sport SA's will receive an extra year of eligibility. NCAA has not made a decision on that for winter season sports.
  14. FBS attendance continues to drop
  15. First Year Coaching Grades

    From CBS Sports
  16. Questions about going to Clemson

    We have relatives of my wife coming to stay with us in Woodstock Friday night and then are going to the Clemson game on Saturday. (A husband and his 3 grown boys) Having not been to Clemson in over 20 years I wanted to ask those who just went or go reguarly for their thoughts. First, how best...
  17. ACC 2019-2020

    A look ahead for all ACC teams for next season. I’ll update this as waiver decisions and any late recruiting decisions are made. All data is based on ACC Games only and the rankings are from my efficiency/game metrics that I track every year. Boston College (5-13, T11) Key losses JR G Bowman -...
  18. School kicked out of conference for being too good

    Interesting article to read
  19. CuseJacket

    NBA Combine & NBA Draft

    That moment when you realize you can mail it in next year... (or lose your job because tickets will sell themselves?)
  20. Coaching Carousel -- Just Pastner 2019

    If Pastner gets us to the Tourney within the five years he was tasked with doing it in I would give him an extension. Probably 2-3 years since he only has 2 yrs left on his contract at that point. He will have accomplished what he was tasked with doing. I would continue to decrease the buyout -...