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  1. ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2021

    "You would assume they’ll turn it over less than they did last year because they’re more experienced, but that really hurt them." I've looked at this quote like 5 times, and can't wrap my head around what is being hurt?
  2. Complimentary Guest Tickets - NIU, KSU

    Ok so multiple people have msged me so I’ll wait until midnight and do a randomizer to decide cause I feel that is fair
  3. Complimentary Guest Tickets - NIU, KSU

    I have 2 who wants them and msg me which game
  4. What do you predict for GT 2021 wins?

    is 1-11 ok if we beat uga?
  5. UGA fans at the finest

    Who remembers this.
  6. GT All-Time Team

    I again am too young but ted roof was that good? I’ve always heard about the leaky roof defense.
  7. Expectations for the 2021 season

    yea but when 73 points are against you that's not gonna be good 10/10 times
  8. Expectations for the 2021 season

    3rd down defense specifically 47% is just not gonna win no matter how good you can play offense.
  9. Best defense

    So I posted this on another website but, what did you think the best defense to step on the flats has been after 1969? Cause I think that defenses have become more changers over the years and athletes are better.
  10. Observation and question?

    This past season we started up in only 2 games so my question is, why are we always on the comeback instead of being up?
  11. Expectations for the 2021 season

    Dook, pitt, and either vt or uva are who I see us beating the rest is not imposssible but would be nice.
  12. Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    Just had a thought, what if you make the recruits pay for the school but give them compensation?
  13. Potential playoff expansion

    98? I mean how far we go with joe?
  14. Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    You forget that georgia and clemson play division 2 schools before they play us
  15. Kickoff times for first three weeks

    When I say odd I'm saying for a school like NIU and not like a ACC or bigger school
  16. Grandma Talent

    You don't know about 3rd and first are you not a tech fan??
  17. Grandma Talent

    JT to be specific was missing a pro bowl RG by the name of shaq mason and waller lot of the pieces were still there just didn’t go well
  18. Kickoff times for first three weeks

    Fair Point just the key for me is working with getting time off
  19. Grandma Talent

    I rewatched some of the games last season and keep in mind we had no spring pratice and brand new players coming in and I for one was not mad at the play. We turned it over a lot with the circumstances It’s not surprising but anyone who watched could look and see that compared to year one that...