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  1. New GT Fundraising Initiative - GTFAM

    GT Fans, We've all had many spirited discussions on here about the state of GT Athletics funding, or rather the lack thereof, and how we have fallen behind our competition. Well, now is the time for each of us to do what we can to change that. A friend and I have created a site (with the help...
  2. It starts with us

    I'll start out with the caveat that, if you're a fan that's been consistently buying tickets, showing up for games, and/or donating, then thank you. You've done your part. If you haven't been doing these things, then all of the finger pointing needs to be right back at yourself. It all starts...
  3. Has GT really been trying?

    With the recent “news” (posts on message boards of quotes that are supposedly from people in the know) that GT hasn’t asked the BoR to expand, and that GT’s lack of response led to Uga getting their engineering school, it reminded me of something: A close friend heard our AD tell a local alumni...
  4. Knowledgeable Basketball Posters

    When I scan threads on the basketball forum, I particularly look for content from certain posters: dtm RamblinRed MtnWasp Wondering if I might be missing some stuff. Anyone else that you’d add?
  5. Error message

    anyone else getting an error message when trying to load a gtswarm page? I’m on iPhone.
  6. Spending on recruiting

    Anyone know how GT compares with these numbers?
  7. Lineup for this season?

    Curious what you guys think the lineup will look like for this upcoming season? Alvarado at PG Devoe at 2? 3? 4? Banks at 5?