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  1. UGA fans at the finest

    Who remembers this.
  2. Best defense

    So I posted this on another website but, what did you think the best defense to step on the flats has been after 1969? Cause I think that defenses have become more changers over the years and athletes are better.
  3. Observation and question?

    This past season we started up in only 2 games so my question is, why are we always on the comeback instead of being up?
  4. Question

    Am I the only one who remembers all the bad calls from this season like this.
  5. How many people will return?

    Just hit me that we have no one lose eligibility so how many of the grad transfers and older guys will come back?
  6. Correction IS 4 WEEKS ENOUGH for duke.

    IS IT!
  7. Is 3 weeks enough? or to much?

    I've seen us have really good looking games after a bye week, but 2 bye weeks. I'm curious on how the plan we prepared for pitt will be used or will we just scrap it?
  8. Observation and Overreaction

    Now Like many people I'm sure that we all felt hopeless after the clemson game some less than others, but the more I took to look at the season at a whole. We're 2-3 Right now with one loss that we expected (Not as Bad) the other against a quick fire offense and one that All be it questionable...

    It has become apparent that the money down isn't helping, so IDK what to try and do to show them how to get a stop
  10. We may Have lost to The orange, But at least we aren't the jets

    I mean If anyone has watched them play I fell Like we can Win any game this year
  11. Receivers

    Ok so I wanted to make this talking about how with every thing going as bad as it did offensively that the receivers were not bad at all. Especially Ahmarean Brown( Who could have easily beat the freshman record easily), the addition of Ezzard, and let’s not forget that we didn’t have Jalen camp...
  12. Question About Tobias Oliver

    I've thought about how TO is a WR but with all the talent coming in and returning at the reciver position should CGC start using him like a Taysum Hill?
  13. Kicker

    Does anyone know who it is or should we have presley doing double shifts
  14. This is ridiculous

    Ban me or whatever i don't care. This is a GT fan site i understand why mods are needed but it's completely childish removing all the forums trashing the dirty mutts. You think they took their posts trashing us down?! Hell no! I'm annoyed that LSU didn't beat them by more. THWG! piss on 'em
  15. Defense

    This is one of the best defensive performances i've seen all season. I'm pretty sure we were the only team along with SC to force 3 turnovers against the dirty dawgs and was playing good defense for what we put on the field. This defense is still young they'll be one of the nation's best in a...
  16. Lucas Johnson

    I've done some thinking about what will happen to Lucas since the Pitt game. Either he transfers cause let's face it he won't ever see another snap at QB on the flats again especially with Gleason and possibly Sims coming in. So if he doesn't transfer i feel as if he could switch to defense to a...
  17. Well i guess he's wrong

    Apologies to everyone who actually thought i was that troll lou i never will be a dawg fan i just wanted to know if he was right cause most people have been a tech fan longer than me
  18. The offensive problems and bright spots

    Ok so from seeing three games it's becoming a little more clearer about what our offense is becoming therefore i wanna look at the good things i've seen and the bad The GOOD: Our running games is still good with a great talent in jordan mason and insane athleticism from TO although i wanna see...
  19. What needs to happen against citadel

    Ok i've been thinking about how we've been struggling offensively the last two games i feel that this game is the chance to try and get IT going i feel like the players need that one game of like 20+ points to give them the confidence for the rest of the season