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  1. 2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    My God.... He is starting to look like Camp...
  2. 2021 Schedule

    Because without all of the bull**** calls in the game this year we would have won this game... This is with them having Pickett and their defense.
  3. National Signing Day Coverage

    Noah Collins (DL) signed
  4. Coaches Tweets

    Pretty neat cartoon drawings of the commits when they sign LOI's. Seems to be wearing some of the clothing debuted in the video.
  5. National Signing Day Coverage

    Jakiah Leftwich (OL) signed
  6. National Signing Day Coverage

    Trenilyas Tatum (LB) signed
  7. Game 10 Media #PITTvsGT

    Well seeings how this game has no take on us making it to the orange bowl or not, this seems to be a pretty silly post in this thread. Make sure you post this in the “Boner’s for Johnson” Thread next time
  8. Clemson Post-game Thread

    I think Harvin would be the only player on the team to crack Clemson’s 2-deep
  9. End of Half Clock Management

    Jesus Christ... are you guys really butthurt over a spiked ball on a possession we scored a touchdown? We didn’t give up a score on the following UCF drive neither. This is what you fools are upset about when that play had nothing to do with the 49-21 outcome of the game? The game is over, it’s...
  10. Red Zone Offense

    I hear ya with running the ball in the red zone. But you also have to remember “most” teams are going to stack the box on defense in the red zone and play man on the receiver’s since you have a smaller field to work with. But I agree is you see safeties and linebackers dropping back, then we...
  11. Game you most want to win in 2020

    Notre Dame is next to the Dwags as my least favorite team. Would love to beat that *** and get an ACC win at the same time!
  12. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    You guys that are upset about Collins talking more brand and culture and less X's and O's will be happy in a couple of years when our football team is rolling and consistently bringing in top 25 recruiting classes. Got to start with brand and culture to get the football department started in the...
  13. Spring Practice Thread

    I absolutely can not wait to see Jalen Camp back out on the field!
  14. Coach comparison rehash

    CPJ is no longer with us. Whether you love him or hated him, he’s gone! Our new coach however is CGC, learn to love him or GTFO.. simple as that, don’t matter who the coach is at the time at Tech needs our support as fans. If he ends up doing terrible he will get replaced. Everyone needs to calm...