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  1. Chase Young

    if the Falcons think he can be anything close to Lawrence Taylor, they are idiots not to go after him. When I here once in a lifetime, That's who I think of!
  2. Defense

    I have set here quietly. Listening to everyone on the new Defensive Coordinator band wagon. This was not the debut you wanted. Acorn State doesn't count. The only thought I had was at the end of the game was "Well this sucked!" Al Groh all over again. GT can't get the type of kid to be good...
  3. Rose Bowl

    I have a feeling this game may look a lot like the Alabama vs. Notre Dame game from a few years back. I hope Oklahoma blows them out, but really scared it may go the other way.
  4. Travel Ball

    Maybe Tech needs to quit recruiting East Cobb Baseball. They insist on the kids playing year round. It's a job for them. You have to wonder if they really care for the kids. Over the last couple of years, people have come forward and stated that year round baseball is bad for them. Too many...
  5. Irish!

    They were very well prepared for us. I know that there has been talk about a specialist for stopping the option. First! We got whipped on the perimeter! This has been a concern for most on the board. It happened. To many young players. Second! They were the more physical team! More athletic...
  6. Forward Progress

    should have been down at the 1!