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  1. Game 8 #DUKEvsGT Predictions

    Our QB is overrated at this point. He turns the ball over way to much. Can’t always blame poor decisions and ball security on poor oline play. Yes the oline is bad. The play that stands out is when Defouur watched his guy run right by him and barely moved. Could have been a breakdown in...
  2. Game 8 #DUKEvsGT Predictions

    This is painful to watch. Kicking game errors that should never happen. Terrible offense. Awful defense. Coaching is non existent. This is the worst GT athletics has been in 50 years. We aren’t good at anything. Baseball? Maybe, but nobody cares about baseball.
  3. A Thread to Rehash GT HC Comparisons

    Hire him now. He can right the ship and then pass it on to George Godsey.
  4. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Dodgers back to back home runs in the first. Still early!! Braves bats have to heat up!
  5. Clemson Post-game Thread

    It’s embarrassing. Tech should be better than this. Alumni and fans should expect better.
  6. Clemson Post-game Thread

    I said it last year and got blasted, but Geoff Collins is in over his head. He shouldn’t have been hired at Tech.
  7. Clemson Post-game Thread

    How can anyone defend this performance?
  8. Clayton had 2 sacks ?

    Clayton had a hard time getting off blocks. He’s not really a difference maker. Not a bad player, but nothing special.
  9. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    This is an organizational thing. They have committed so much money and focused their philosophy on throwing the ball. They would have won a super bowl, won last week, and won today if they could run the football.
  10. Juice Builds Juice

  11. Here's The Week One XFL Schedule

    I hope so. I enjoyed watching it. I thought it was a good enough product
  12. Another year, another big mutt fail

    And that brings me to my next point, don't do drugs!!!! Bobby Bouchée!
  13. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    I would love for the Falcons to win the Super Bowl, but I don't think they are that good. I hope I'm wrong Trevor is a once in a lifetime talent. He's worth sucking for a year. I believe he would bring multiple Super Bowls to Atlanta!
  14. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    I joked before, but tank for Trevor! You would have a new GM and head coach! Heck, bring back June Jones! He's much better now than he was years ago!
  15. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    I like this pick. Hope they can trade up back into the second round. Lots of really good players available.
  16. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    This is just weird!
  17. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    How are they better than they were last year? I think they are worst! Don't count on the UGA RB! He's done! Defense is worst! Matt Ryan can't make up for this. Does anyone remember Bruce Pickens? We just made the same mistake!
  18. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    This sucks I don't know what to say. ???????
  19. 2020 Atlanta Falcons News

    Who did the Falcons draft? AJ Terrell? They could have picked him up in the 4th round. I don't understand. I'm not sure if I understand what's going on in their office. Who's really making the decisions? If this is truly a DQ pick, he might really need to be fired! I'm really upset that I...
  20. 2020-2021 NFL Season Talk

    Very smart on the Patriots part. They picked up extra draft picks for someone that would never play for them again. Dion Jones will de cleat him and knock him back into retirement!!!