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  1. Count The Cut Blocks

    The cut block complaint was about getting a competitive advantage in the games and on the recruiting trail. You know the whole Highschool offense CRAP! Had the media not jumped on the band wagon to help create and perpetuate the narrative, we may still be running the Spread Option. Instead, we...
  2. Chris Martin has left the team

  3. Jahmyr Gibbs Hype Thread

    I was skeptical about Calvin as well, until I saw him play. When I hear hype, I want to believe, but I wait until I see.
  4. Outdoor Adventures 2019

    Great topic! I shot a turkey in the spring with a decent beard, I didn't measure it, but strangely the bird had no spurs. He was a full grown gobbler. I shot a decent 8 point white-tail early in the season and I passed up several larger 8 points later in the season hoping my son would get a...
  5. Question About Tobias Oliver

    I like coaches who are WIN based. ;)
  6. NC State Postgame

    Yes, it would have been fine. I hope the new coach can get it turned around next year. Beating the DWAGs next week would be a good start to next year.
  7. NC State Postgame

    7-5 would have been fine this season. We had enough talent to win more than 3 games.
  8. COFH...Its Hate Week!!

    True. GT was not a really bad team in 2015. They were competitive in most games. Unlike this season.
  9. COFH...Its Hate Week!!

    My hope in beating UGA is our depleted 2015 team beating a nearly unbeatable FSU. We have a punchers chance if UGAG overlooks us. IF the DWAGS decide to commit to the run. We will be in trouble. THWG.
  10. NC State Postgame

    We need to slow the game down to limit our defensive snaps. NCST had about 50 Off. snaps at the half. Our Dfense was spent early in the 4th qtr. Utimately, what we do will not matter if UGAG commits to running the ball. To HELL with Georgia!!
  11. not about Minnesota

    Was Bobby Dodd somewhere in the middle in regards to media's perception of GT?
  12. Geoff Collins - Head Coaching Numbers

    CKN took over a fully developed 30 team. NO rebuilding, just manage what was built by CPJ. But, are you suggesting we hire CKN?
  13. Pitt Postgame

    But TO can't run a Pro Style offense! ;)
  14. This WIN is a sneak peek of what CGC has in mind

    We Won! Go Wildcats. THWG.
  15. Georgia Tech vs. Miami Predictions #GTvsMIA

    I have never picked GT to lose. We will win, but Miami will make a lot a mistakes to aid in our win.
  16. Tech opens as 20 point dogs to Miami

    Your cursed us with your early prediction. Now we are doomed. :p
  17. Has Georgia Tech Football entered the Bill Lewis Era part II?

    Like you, I have not voted either. I don't like what i see from CGC at this point. My hope is that he can cut out all the saleman "pissing in my ear and telling me its rain" crap and turn the program in the right direction. Time will tell. I am not ready to vote yet, but I'm leaning.
  18. Is college football near the end as we know it.

    NCAA and NFL/NBA should allow players to go directly into their respective professional sport at age 18. Politicians should stay out of this issue.
  19. I guess it's easier to convert to "option" than to convert to "modern"

    As Joe Biden says..."We believe Truth over Facts" :rolleyes:(y)