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  1. Demetris Robertson

    I think it was Cal and not UCLA.
  2. Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    I would say unlikely instead of impossible. You can win by forfeit, or or if the other team is placed on probation and has to vacate wins. 😉
  3. 2021 Uniform Debate

    Not all of us. I was pumped when we came back out in the “traditional” GWG!

    I admit to no knowledge of liquor. However, I think I can carry on a pretty intelligent conversation about beer! 😃

    I always took it to mean clear liquor instead of brown liquor.
  6. Your First GT QB

    It was 5 and 5. It was my freshman year of 1972. The first Tech QB I saw play was Billy the kid in 1962.
  7. uga @ Tech for 2021 COFH

    After 26 years working as an engineer, I became a high school teacher. I always told my students my goal was to teach them how to think and solve problems, and I used math to do that.
  8. MEMORIES...(first game)

    I don't remember the year exactly since I was only 8 or 9, but It was either '62 or '63. I watched GT and FSU tie at 14. Billy Lothridge was the QB. I was shocked that people were actually saying Hell in public!
  9. 2021 Recruiting Class & Transfers In

    Has DeFoor said he is coming back? If so I must have missed it. I don’t think one more year of transfers starting on the OL will be a problem, but by 2022 we need to have CGC’s players manning most of the spots.
  10. Off Season How well do you know Georgia Tech Football

    And if I remember correctly Dewberry was replaced by Todd Rampley from Peachtree High.
  11. Bottom25 11/3/20 (Nebraska #2 and Ga Tech returns)

    And Wyoming got beat by Colorado State and dropped out. ?
  12. Game 5 Clemson Predictions

    49-17 Tiggers. We actually kick a field goal!
  13. Friday is Georgia Tech Takeover Day on ACC Network

    Thanks for that Milwaukee. A great way to kill a little time while stuck at home.
  14. Black Uni Speculation

    I don't know if anyone else remembers, but there was a photo on the Hive back about '10 or '11 of a player in an all black GT mock up uniform. It was jersey #2, so I assumed it was Vad. Had a matte black helmet with gold GT, black jersey with gold number, black pants, shoes, and socks. Normally...
  15. Thank you!

    Yes, thanks Bob!
  16. Coronavirus Thread

    I can remember my Mother collecting for the Mothers March for March of Dimes during the 1950’s
  17. Question About Tobias Oliver

    Not to be disagreeable, but if the Tech degree is more important to him than football, then he is doing exactly the right thing. He gets to enjoy playing P5 football AND get a world class education.
  18. RIP: Leon Hardeman, GT Football Letterman 1950-1954, Hall of Fame Member, and All-American (Link)

    My dad played one year of football at Tech in 1949. He ran track after that, but stayed close with some of the football team. His description of Leon Hardeman was “He was a football player”. High praise.
  19. Who’s not coming back for their Sr season?

    Back in the day it was!
  20. Film Room The First Battle of the Techs - 1990

    I listened also. Was deer hunting and lost the signal just after we tied it up. It was late that evening before I could get the score. That really was a special year.