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    Ponce Krispy Kreme to be demolished
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    Tokyo Olympics

    A Japanese man won gold in skateboarding 🥇 I’m not sure if this is real, but here you go
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    COVID at CWS

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    Coaching and AD carousel, Football Edition

    Nebraska fires their AD, and aren’t real happy with Scott Frost It’s one thing to see success elsewhere and hire...
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    SI Story on Pitch Doctoring and Foreign Substances in MLB

    This reads like a classic Sports Illustrated article; it’s really well-written. An equipment guy on the Angels provides pitching dope for 7-figure pitchers around the league. When the league cracks down, the guy who isn’t part of the union gets fired, but everyone else is just fine. Also, the...
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    More fun with Regional Sports Networks (Sinclair raising money to find new profit streams)

    It was “Fox Sports South/West/Midwest/etc.”, now “Bally’s Southeast/X/Y/Z”, but Sinclair owns them, and now they’re looking to make more money by creating another streaming service: If you can’t watch games on an RSN, you can pony up $23/month for the Sinclair network.
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    2021 ACC and Competition News

    Louisville down a touted QB: TA&M gets TWO 5* decommits from UGA. They’re still loaded though. GT is heavy in the transfer portal, but not an outlier by any means We aren’t getting many wins against Clemson, but who is?
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    2021 Falcons Thread

    Warren Sharp projects 7.7 wins for the Falcons (so, pretty typical “just missing the playoffs” season for ATL). You may have been hearing that they have an easy schedule, but it looks just below average—which makes sense, when the Super Bowl champs are automatically on your schedule twice. One...
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    Writer and Analyst ACC Forecasts

    Looks like Bill Connelly just started the ACC, with Syracuse Their offense was HORRIBLE last season, and their defense ain’t great. This does not look like their year A great Radar chart is a big circle all the way around the outer edge. This is not great
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    David Curry to the Broncos (UDFA)

    Good luck to him. I have friends out there—hope they seem him play.
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    General NCAA thread

    We can use this for general NCAA conversation. I think people might have a point of view Mark Emmert’s contract to run the NCAA gets renewed, almost in a footnote, after a couple of years of clumsy management. Which makes me think he’s running the NCAA exactly like the board of governors wants...
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    2021 Hall of Fame (Cross Sport)

    Vance Walker, Travis Bell, James Forrest, it’s a loaded list.
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    Potpourri for $300, Alex...

    I’ll ante up with the basketball ref who passed out in the middle of the USC-Gonzaga game on March 30, 2021, and what they found Bert Smith is a “former” athlete, in...
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    Track and Field doing well at the Florida Relays

    The women’s team, especially, medalled up on day 1. It’s nice to see steeplechase in the meet—one of our women took gold there.
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    Football X and O talk

    Saw this Sark clinic post, thought others would like it.
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    North American Soccer

    Maybe a stronger super league, with US+Canada+Mexico? Atlanta United seems to finally have a center back (and a good one), but had to gyrate around salary caps and international allotments, plus a LATAM team that plays hardball at the negotiating table...
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    March Madness Scheme Talk

    With March Madness in full swing, we get a chance to see more good and varied basketball than any other time of the season. It seems like a good time to see what we’d like to see here, and what we’d like to possibly see at Tech. I thought a technique/scheme thread would be fun. @gt24, it seems...
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    What’s next for the ACC?

    Nice interview with David Hale at It’s short, though. Yes, he’s a sports journalist, and some (possibly many—who can tell?) of you think he’s an idiot, but he gives some great insight on where the ACC is going, and some of...
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    GT vs Wake, Friday 3/5, 8 PM, ACCN

    ESPN’s “Basketball Power Index” likes the matchup, but it’s a big one for us. Wake is 6-14 overall, and 3-14 in ACC play. They did get in 17 ACC games so far. We beat them 70-54 on January 3rd at home. It was a game that we could have held them to a lot less (can Clemson held them to 39 later in...