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  1. TheStolenT

    Dungeons & Dragons & Jackets

    Sucks, i went to both and was really looking forward to this game. Im actually sitting in a UAB auditorium waiting for my vaccine. Covid is out of control down here. Got patients lined down the hallways of the ER. Oh well, maybe next year. Everybody have a safe, merry christmas
  2. TheStolenT

    Dungeons & Dragons & Jackets

    Uab turned over almost its entire roster after they hired Andy Kennedy as coach last year, the 7-1 record is due to weak opponents mainly but they are still playing pretty good ball. They play real tough D but aren't very organized on offense and have a tendency break into street ball a little...
  3. TheStolenT

    2020-2021 GT Hoops Schedule

    Uab will be pretty bad this year, just turned over the entire roster, but andy Kennedy is a big upgrade in terms of coaching and recruiting so they will get tougher over the next 3 years for sure. They are still in their old arena, new stadium is for football in 2021
  4. TheStolenT

    Stanford and David Shaw

    Who the **** cares about Stanford right now. Let it go.
  5. TheStolenT

    Bracket Challenge 2019

    The list of teams we would be allowed to cheer for would be quite short
  6. TheStolenT

    Bracket Challenge 2019

    Nassir Little getting destroyed at the rim twice made me smile a little. I dont hold grudges or anything..
  7. TheStolenT

    GT (+8.0) vs. #10 Virginia Tech

    Where was CGB?
  8. TheStolenT

    Brent Key expected to join Georgia Tech staff

    Sounds to me like Saban may have given a raise and now he denies any contact with us. Who knows. Doesn't do much to help my overall perception of him either way
  9. TheStolenT

    Brent Key expected to join Georgia Tech staff

    Key denying that he has talked to GT? Maybe wasnt supposed to leak before the title game, or maybe getting cold feet??
  10. TheStolenT

    Georgia Tech @ Tennessee

    Demasiadas faltas suaves hasta ahora
  11. TheStolenT

    Blue. Pants.

    can we make a separate thread where supersize and gold1 just ***** to each other and we dont have to listen anymore?
  12. TheStolenT

    Petition to stop noon home games

    I'm a young sidewalk fan from 2 hours away and the prevalence of noon games led us to get rid of our season tickets and instead pick a choose a couple games a year to attend. Its not worth driving late Friday, waking up early Saturday for a short tailgate, baking in the sun then driving home. I...
  13. TheStolenT

    OT - Jack DeFoor (@jackdefoor54) Ruled Eligible

    ESPN article about Patterson today said that ole miss and Michigan compliance offices worked together to get Patterson eligible. Ole miss says no other schools/transfers have contacted them. Certainly interesting. I'm sure we've done everything with the NCAA but odd only Michigan has done this...
  14. TheStolenT

    GT @ BC

    I’ve been a tech fan for a while, can’t remember many years where we lost so many games we outplayed opponents, across all sports. Crazy.
  15. TheStolenT

    GT @ BC

    I got off the couch to grab a beer and the refs called an offensive foul on me
  16. TheStolenT


    I was just telling my dad this. They have adjust the rule to not immediately DQ a guy if the hit isn't egregious. Like a yellow card/red card kind of thing. Crazy to lose guys for hits like the Clemson hit or Gotsis vs unc a couple years back
  17. TheStolenT

    Wear Gold

    Then why does our team wear white nearly every game? Maybe you should let them know too
  18. TheStolenT

    Wear Gold

    I'm no Yetman, if AD says wear gold I'll do it, just wondering for future, seems like we make it hard when it doesn't have to be
  19. TheStolenT

    Wear Gold

    Why don't the fans just wear white?? It all matches, it's easy to find, and our TEAM wears it. I don't get why if it's our preferred jersey color and it looks good in a stadium why we don't encourage this, instead we encourage a color that's not uniform, hard to find, and looks washed out in a...
  20. TheStolenT

    Dedrick Mills dismissed...

    It will be interesting to see what UT does now with its DT LT and RB now (who supposedly all failed drug test). Suspended a half..for Indiana State?