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  1. Lotta Juice

    New LB Coach?

    Collins just retweeted this Looks like he was linebackers coach at Jacksonville State previously. Currently Thacker is DC/LB coach so maybe this guy is coming in just for LB's? If he helps that's good. We could use it
  2. Lotta Juice

    Learning from mistakes, Georgia Tech’s Jeff Sims ‘going to be great’

    This piqued my curiosity so I wanted to look at Sims later in the season so I chose the Pitt game. After the first 3 games that was the only game that he had more than 1 interception, he had 2 in that game. The first INT came on the very 1st play of the game for Sims so that sucked. He was...
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    Funny Stuff

  4. Lotta Juice

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    Sure. Barry Alvarez started building the Wisconsin we know today over 30 years ago. To get to that point of consistent winning seasons it helps to be recruiting and building to that system for a decade prior. It's not as simple as "running more 2 back sets" and you win more games. (Not...
  5. Lotta Juice

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    Not much guessing? C'mon
  6. Lotta Juice

    GT Player Deals

    Sure, that is the transaction at play. How you determine what that player's value is to the program goes far beyond how much they see the field in my mind. Their compensation is less than that of a graduate assistant helping the football team. Whether that is worth the value would certainly...
  7. Lotta Juice

    GT Player Deals

    Probably going to regret jumping into this but...oh well. How are you determining "value is overrated". If the player wasn't worth the scholarship they wouldn't offer it to them. Even without seeing the field they are providing depth, playing a role in practice, helping teammates get...
  8. Lotta Juice

    CGC on Marty Smith's America the Podcast

    CGC seems to be making the podcast rounds, he's on 2 for 1 below around the 33:00 mark 2 for 1 Gets a bit into football, talks about the incoming transfers, a bit about Sims. Nothing too specific or groundbreaking...but very positive of course.
  9. Lotta Juice

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    Back to Expectations for 2021 Here's a 🔥hot take🔥...or maybe just a lukewarm one, but I think between the BC and Virginia Tech games we'll see the biggest change in outcome from our previous meetings with each team. 🔥🔥🔥 Boston College: This game sucked last year. 48-27. Ugh. A big part of...
  10. Lotta Juice

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    And yet we've already found so many 4 stars...
  11. Lotta Juice

    Marketing/sales question for the experts here...

    The M1 supply isn't the best depiction of "money printed" at the moment, in my opinion. The vast majority of that jump shown in the graph in May 2020 is due to a change in how they calculate it rather than a change in money supply. M2 would show the isolated increase in money supply without...
  12. Lotta Juice

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    When Matt Ryan was their QB. Not sure if you've heard but he made it to the NFL and has done pretty well. And they lost to VT led by Tyrod Taylor who's also gone on to start in the NFL. You don't necessarily need a roster stacked with potential NFL talent but you need some at key positions
  13. Lotta Juice

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    But nearly all of GT's appearances (even under CPJ) are correlated with having NFL talent on the team. Exception might be the 2012 appearance where we needed 2 teams ahead of us to be ineligible for us to make it into the game
  14. Lotta Juice

    Expectations for the 2021 season

    It's almost impressive how many things you can be completely wrong about in 1 sentence
  15. Lotta Juice

    QB Transfer from Temple

    He lists himself as "QB at Georgia Tech" in his twitter bio so he certainly believes he's a Jacket. Just a few months ago this article came out describing him leaving football after a concussion knocked him out for the year...
  16. Lotta Juice

    Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    Appreciate the football outsiders data, but am I missing something that seems to be leading to this doom and gloom outlook? According to the data you posted in 2020 we ranked 66th on Line yards, 30 whole spots better than 2019. That seems pretty good. I'm not familiar with all of these...
  17. Lotta Juice

    Article Says BEST CASE Scenario Is 5-7

    It was repetitive for sure about the "huge transition" but like forensicjacket mentioned it's repetitive for fans who consume every ounce of GT content, for those who don't not as much. I live in Big 12 country and I'd say many coworkers and people who hear about GT still think of the triple...
  18. Lotta Juice

    Jahmyr Gibbs, Quez Jackson named to preseason All-ACC team

    Definitely agree. Interior DL does not have near the depth that we seem to have at DE. But, if I'm gonna be my foolish hopeful self, i do think TK and Jaquon and perhaps Stone can satisfy those roles. The potential is there, the depth not as much. And i think they can get after the QB...
  19. Lotta Juice

    Jahmyr Gibbs, Quez Jackson named to preseason All-ACC team

    Pretty wild to think we'll have Domineck Kennard, Ivey, and Clayton returning (and others?) and then ADDING Harris and White to the DE room. That's some competition and depth right there. And shoot, if you compare that group to the ATL chart from the Pitt game last season it's quite a...